Friday, Oct 20, 2017

Good Morning, All!

Working on all sorts of wonderful things for the Horicon High School craft fair next Friday. I will be sharing a booth with my sister, Sandy, the owner of “My Favorite Candles”. She makes amazing smelling candles and I hope she burns one for us all day on Saturday! Come out and see what your talented local artists are selling, grab some lunch, and support Horicon High School. There will be so much going on. Check out the details through links on my “Events” page.

Time to get back to my sewing machine. I will leave you with this picture of my owl and weirdo mum plant. I love fall mums and have been waiting forever for this plant’s buds to open up. It is doing this weird thing where the top will not open. All around the bottom, even in the back, the thing is packed with flowers. Top? Not so much. Still love it.

Weirdo Mum with Owl

Have a Happy Friday!

Missie S.

Save $5.00 on all Books!!

Kids are on their way back to school.  What better time of year is there to get organized and keep little ones busy as older brothers and sisters leave for school?  For the final two weeks of August giggleFritz and Company is having a sale on Books! Visit the shop and check out our Child’s Art Keepers and Note-to-Self Books.  Get a good start on a great new school year!

Good Time Again at Coffee Break Fest

Coffee Break Fest Mug 2012

Our second year in a row at Coffee Break Fest in Stoughton, WI was a blast!  We entered our booth late in the year, but we still had a good spot on the end with nice traffic.  The other vendors were nice people with great wares.  The nice people in back of us selling throw pillows even put up a shade cloth for us when the sun was beating down on us!  We sampled outstanding coffee in this year’s lilac and purple mugs.  Near the end of the day I tried to purchase a bag of coffee from Valentine Coffee Roasters of Milwaukee, but they were sold out.  I was very disappointed.  I will have to suck it up and either drive 45 minutes to Milwaukee, or buy online and pay shipping.  It’s well worth it!

We strolled around the car show and saw some old and new beauties.  I am not only amazed by the shapes and curves of older cars at car shows, but also by the wide range of colors they paint them now.  There isn’t just blue, there are 10 shades of blue and each one prettier than the last.  Yellows, purples, reds – there are some wild colors that truly compliment those cars.

I always fall in love with the older models.  One of the oldest models at Coffee Break Fest was a Model T Ford.  It is not only the neatest car, it reminds me of the Model A my dad always had when we were growing up.  The A was not in as good condition, so it’s nice to see what it would have looked like.

When we weren’t dreamily gazing at gorgeous cars or sipping rich dark coffee, you could find us dancing and singing in our booth.  They were playing swingin’ oldies music the whole day and it contributed to a fun nostalgic atmosphere.  We will definitely be back for our third year in 2013!

Coffee Break Fest 2012

This has been a hot nasty summer in southeast Wisconsin.  We have been plagued with hot humid days (90-100 degrees F) and abnormally small amounts of rain.  It’s hard to stay motivated, even in air conditioned work spaces.  The only happy souls I’ve seen are my well-watered sweet basil and cherry tomato plants.  We are looking hopefully to the future for a cool dry fall.  But, we still have to finish out this bittersweet season.  Why not take a break at Coffee Break fest?

Coffee Break Fest takes place in Stoughton, WI on Saturday, August 11th, 9am – 4pm.  giggleFritz and Co. will be running a booth in the Art/Craft Fair for the second year in a row.  We had a great time last year, partially due to the fact that we are die-hard coffee lovers.  You get to sample the best coffee from many local coffee roasters and vote for the best one.  There is also a car show and a 5K run.  So stop out at Coffee Break Fest, have some coffee, visit giggleFritz and Co. at booth #16, see some awesome cars and who wins the Java Jog 5K run!  For all the info on Coffee Break Fest, click on the link below to visit their web site.  Hope to see you there!

~Missie (giggleFritz)