June 29, 2019 – Hard Core Summertime!

It took so long for summer to arrive. We had 3.5 months of ugly spring. It was cold and it rained constantly. Now it is full-blown SUMMER!

Thank the Lord for beautiful, wonderful-smelling flora! For weeks we had blooming lilacs (and whatever this pink tree is) lifting our spirits from our yard. Whenever possible, I walked up to the closest lilac bush and fully inhaled the heavenly aroma. Our neighbors may have thought I was a tad kooky. Ah, well. Talk about a mood booster!

DD’s school let out at the end of May. I have been scrambling to get into a decent sewing routine ever since. Between swimming lessons, library visits, playground adventures, and kitchen table crafting sessions, my dear little sewing business has been cooling on the back burner. However, I am not stressing over it. It won’t become sour like old coffee. No. It will steep into a rich, warm tea. I promise!

Speaking of coffee (the good kind!), the giggleFritz and Co. booth will be at Coffee Break Fest in Stoughton, WI on Saturday, August 17. It is always a great time! Come see all of the new Socktopus guys and Sock Monkeys and taste some fine coffee.

I am off! It’s time to hone my time management skills, machine sew a new sock monkey, and make some dinner for my family too! Have a lovely weekend!

Missie S.

March 31, 2019 – Catch up and Thank You!!

Hello, Everyone!

Last week was busy. I was preparing for my first craft fair of the season, which was yesterday. DD (5 year old) was home on spring break as well. It was a lovely, busy week.

Last Thursday was opening day for Brewer’s baseball! I watched some of the game on TV and was super excited! In honor of opening day I made German Potato Salad and Brats for dinner, brownie sundaes for dessert. Our Milwaukee Brewer’s won! Thursday was a great day! Here is a picture of me being happy in my Brewer’s shirt, trying to finish up a pink Sock Bunny:

The craft fair on Saturday (yesterday) was so much fun! I want to say “Thank You” to every customer who stopped by and looked, squeezed a Socktopus or Sock Monkey leg, gave a sweet compliment, or purchased and item: Thank You So MUCH!! You were a great group of people!

Thank You to my sisters that came with me, helped out, and Sandy who sold her beautiful cards for the first time.

And Thank You to Jasmine, the amazing artist selling her gorgeous paintings, coasters, switch plates, etc.  We had so much fun talking and laughing, the day flew by!

And, here we are at the end of March. A quarter of this year is already behind us. Spring is coming, things are changing, and I have more planning to do. Are you ready for April? I am not. I am off to get my ducks in a row!

Have a fantastic Sunday!

Missie S.

March 06, 2019 – It’s a Spring Thing Craft Fair 2019

Stop by St. Kilian School in Hartford on Saturday, March 30th for “It’s a Spring Thing” Craft Fair. The giggleFritz and Co. booth will be there, filled with sock monkeys, baby bibs, and burp clothes. My sister will be joining me and selling her beautiful handmade greeting cards. We have had a booth in this craft fair twice before, and there is really something for everyone!

SKS Craft Fair poster 2019

We hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Missie S.