Machine Sewing Day – Day 15

The countdown continues: 15 days until “Fall Fair to Remember”. It is machine sewing day. I need to crank out some work on the machine, so I will make today’s post brief. I am taking a short break and then back to work before I pick up DD from preschool. Almost nothing gets done after that, Lol!

Best snack EVER!

Need some thinking food and generic cinnamon crunch cereal is ideal. Love it! Thanks, Aldi!

giggleFritz Work Space, where the magic happens!


Back to work! Our Milwaukee Brewers play postseason today at 4:07 pm and I need something to hand-stitch while I cheer them on. Go Brewers!!

Missie S.


Happy Fall y’all – Day 16

Happy Fall! Here we are in October and I am loving every minute of it!

Ok, I am definitely NOT the queen of decorating or staging beautiful things. But I am serious about keeping things simple and mangeable.

I have been counting down the days until my next craft fair, “Fall Fair to Remember” and I am currently at 16 days. I have been sewing my fingers off and doing my best to fill my booth on October 19th and 20th. There is not enough time in the day for everything I want to get done!

Back to work!

Have a great day!

Missie S.

Time Keeps on Slippin’…

…into the future. Man, it sure does! I was foolish to think, once the school year started back up and DD went back to school, I would have more time. WRONG!! I did not even touch my computer or sewing this weekend. It’s difficult to make and sell things without using those key tools.

Even though it has been busy, I am loving every minute of this time of year. There is so much to do and I enjoy nearly everything FALL! In spring DD and I planted one sunflower in our garden. The sunflower is in it’s prime right now. The day that it bloomed was rainy and gloomy, but looking at that bright, beautiful sunflower brought us so much joy! We went out and snapped a few photos last week. Below is a picture of our prized sunflower!


Anyway, I am back to work on this very beautiful, fall-like Monday. Much to do and excited to do it! There’s a new Note-to-Self Mini in the Shop. Check it out!

Note-to-Self Mini – Fall Bouquet – Sunflowers

Have beautiful Monday!

Missie S.


Post Stoughton Coffee Break Fest 2018

Good Morning!

Last weekend I packed up the giggleFritz and Co. booth, grabbed two sisters, and headed over to the Coffee Break Fest craft fair in Stoughton, WI. This is our fourth year participating in the craft fair. We had a great time and sold a lot of stuff!

giggleFritz and Co. Booth Stoughton Coffee Break Fest 2018
New display that DH build for me: framed peg board bib display. Love it!
Sock Monkeys and Socktopus Guys: Rock Stars of the giggleFritz Show!
giggleFritz in the flesh!

The day went by very quickly! We didn’t even head over to the car show this year. However, we did HEAR the car show. I don’t know how they judge the old cars, but there must be an “engine revving” category. Boy was that loud! One of these years I would love to attend this festival as a guest and look at all the old and new cars, tractors, and motorcycles.

We sampled some wonderful coffee! (I will add a pic of this years taste testing cup at a later time.) Autumn Pearl Beauty Boutique and Coffee Bar was the winner this year. They had amazing coffee! It’s difficult to pick which is the best.

It was another great year at this amazing coffee festival! This is a great community. The people working the festival, the other booth vendors, and the festival-goers are wonderful people. If you get a chance to visit, go. I guarantee you will feel at home and welcomed!

I am off to do important giggleFritz things.  Have a wonderful day!

Missie S.

Excited about Coffee Break Fest!!!!!

It’s here! Tomorrow is Coffee Break Fest in Stoughton, WI. The giggleFritz and Co. both will be in the craft fair again this year and we are so excited! Stop by the booth if you can, or stop back to find out how everything went.

Letter announcing my absence and whereabouts in my booth at The WB Merchantile in downtown West Bend, WI

Coffee Break Fest is calling and I must go! There’s still much to do today, so I am off!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend,

Missie S.

Gardening Day

Hello All!

I have been avoiding my garden lately. It has been too hot and humid for me to dig into the weed problem. However, today was one of the most beautiful days we will have all year. I didn’t waste it. I spent a good portion of the day weeding my garden. And my body is FEELING it!


Pumpkin Plants

I am super excited for these pumpkin plants! I love watching them grow as we approach fall and Halloween. I was worried they wouldn’t do well because they are kind of close to a Maple tree. I hear that is bad.

Pole Beans


This is the second year I have planted pole beans and I am loving them! Last year was the first time I tried them and they produced all summer. This year I did a better job with trellising them. I made two good-sized tee-pees  for them to climb, thanks to a YouTube video I watched from The Farmer’s Almanac.  Tee Pee for climbing Beans Video

Besides gardening, I also put the finishing touches on a Socktopus and started work on a new yellow and purple Socktopus. I will be listing a few new things shortly. I also have a loooooong list of things that need sewing for the upcoming craft fair at Coffee Break Fest in August. So, my aching gardening body is off to work on a few things before turning in for the night.

Have a wonderful night and great weekend!

Missie S.

Coffee Break Fest 2018

It’s that time of year again, when we are counting down the days until Coffee Break Fest in Stoughton, WI! On August 18 head over to Mandt Park and take a look at the car show, shop at the craft fair, sample some extraordinary coffee from the brew-off, get a bite to eat and more! Stop by the giggleFritz booth and say “Hi”!

Click here for more information on Coffee Break Fest:  Coffee Break Fest 2018       Map

2017 Handmade Collector’s Mug

Have a great day!

Missie S.

Garden Binder


One of the projects I started back in May was to make a better binder to hold all of our gardening and landscape info. I have been collecting notes and articles for years, but they have been tucked away with other misc. notes in a binder. I went ahead and pulled out leftover scrapbook making materials and prettied-up a binder I had on hand. Total cost of Gardening binder: $0.00ish!

Front Cover of New Gardening Binder
Helpful gardening tips from our local paper
Map of my Garden for crop rotation purposes

I WILL get better at organizing. Oh, yes, I WILL!

Have a wonderful evening!

Missie S.