October 28, 2020 – Cold Fall, Cozy Pants

I love almost everything about Fall in Wisconsin. Yes, even the cold temperatures. We just finished a stretch of days that stayed in the 30’s. That’s a bit chilly for Wisconsin in October. No problem! What continues to be a challenge every year when the seasons change is keeping our DD clothed – she grows like a weed!

My latest project has been finding/making affordable clothes for DD. Sleep pants were one of the items we needed because the old ones were way too short. Years ago I had made sleep pants for myself, my oldest daughter, and two of my sisters for Christmas presents. I decided to dig out my old pattern and see if it contained sizes for smaller children. It did! Winner, winner! Chicken Dinner! Let’s make some sleep pants!

I thought I had enough fabric and elastic to make some warm sleep pants. I dug around in my horded stash of flannel and sewing notions. I certainly have enough flannel to make sleep pants for an army! I chose a pattern that was blue with a little owl and bird sitting on a branch. I bought the fabric years ago, wanting to make a blanket. I never got around to the blanket, but the flannel is going to good use.

Simplicity Pattern 3935 – Sleepwear, Slippers, Remote Control Holder
Finished Pants – Size S

I love the way these pants turned out! DD loves wearing them. They are warm and cozy. I added a button on the front so we can easily tell which side is which, much easier than adding a label in the back. If you are looking for a simple pattern for sleep pants, I highly recommend this pattern (Simplicity easy-to-sew #3935) I would like to make at least one more pair in this size and maybe a pair for myself. I would make a pair for my husband, but don’t really have a “guy” pattern. I will hunt around some more. Do you think he would like little owls?

Well, back to work. There are always too many things I want to do and not enough time in a day!

Have a fantastic Wednesday! 😀

Missie S. (giggleFritz)

October 20, 2020 – Scooby Doo! Haunted House YouTube Video

Hello, All! Just dropping by to say “Hi!”. I have been busy with many projects lately. One of the projects was listing a Scooby Doo! board game on ebay we don’t play anymore. I fixed the game up as best I could and took lots of wonderful pictures. As I was making the listing on ebay I decided I would make a video demonstrating that the spooky traps in the game all worked. I created a YouTube channel to share the video and then put the link to the video in the description of the listing. It was actually pretty fun to make!

I listed the game three weeks ago and was delighted to find it sold over the weekend. I thought I would share the video here. It’s the first YouTube video I ever made. There is no catchy, fun music or fancy editing, but I made it, so it falls into a giggleFritz creation and belongs on my blog. Maybe I will make another one soon.

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 😀

Missie S.

October 3, 2020 – Lost and Found

This morning, I met my daughter for breakfast and ran a few errands. Before I arrived for breakfast, I stopped for the mail at the Post Office. I ran in, collected my junk mail, then walked back to my truck. I walked past the Saturday morning Farmers Market and on my way I found this huge purple dahlia!

At first I walked past and thought to myself how beautiful that flower is, and how sad someone lost it. It must have been a big piece of the bouquet they bought at the farmers market. A split second later I turned around and picked up the flower.

A couple was walking far behind me. I didn’t get in their way, but I was a little embarrassed someone may have seen me retrieve this flower from the dirty sidewalk. And just like that, I pushed that thought out of my head. This flower is not ruined because it was found alone on the ground. I smiled and took my treasure to my truck. I drove happily to the restaurant.

Lost and Found – Purple Dahlia

I hope you find something beautiful today!

Missie S.

September 26, 2020 – Essential Recipes

Hello! What have you been up to lately? What have I been up to lately?

You: I hope GREAT things that leave you fulfilled! Reading, watching great movies, visiting with good friends, eating delicious food!

Me: Cooking. Baking. Cleaning. Sorting. All of the crap work I can not get done with my sweet child around.

The baking part led me to a cooking web site I visit frequently: Allrecipes.com. Today, I was looking for a MYO cake mix recipe. I don’t usually buy/use cake mixes, but I was making a super easy chocolate chip cookie bar recipe that calls for a cake mix. I picked one up at Aldi the other day. While making the cookie bars today I found a hole in the bag of cake mix. I decided not to chance it. I know there are recipes on the internet, so I found one on Allrecipes.com.

What I didn’t know is you can join Allrecipes.com and set up a whole profile and Pinterest-type account to save your recipes and share them. I don’t take time to look into this type of thing. It’s usually, get my recipe and go! But, today I joined. I don’t have anything pinned yet, but I thought I would stop by and share my profile anyway. If you decide to visit the site, (maybe you’ve been there many times like me) take a look at some of the MANY recipes that make your life easier and let you DIY (do it yourself). I save a lot of money by not buying mixes, premade, etc.

Click here to visit Missie Jane’s Profile.

This is the recipe I looked up today: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/8063/cake-mixes-from-scratch-and-variations/

I used it to help make this:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Have a wonderful weekend!

Missie S.

September 6, 2020 – Sunflower!!

I did not do a great job on my garden (again) this year. I planted a little too late, but told myself it would be alright. It’s not too bad, but I get impatient watching my neighbors enjoy healthy, punctual gardens while I wait. I am waiting on some ugly tomatoes to turn red and I keep picking humongous cucumbers. We also waited and waited for our sunflowers to bloom. It finally happened!! Yesterday we looked out our window at breakfast and saw our first sunflower had opened up wide!

Sunflower – by giggleFritz

I’ve decided next year we will plant our garden using a Fall theme. We will plant sunflowers, pumpkins, garden mums, marigolds, and zinnias. We can enjoy the zinnias and marigolds during most of the summer. In Fall we will have a nice harvest theme going on. All the other stuff is getting to be too much work, and I don’t have a very big area to work with. I will be happy with some Fall produce.

With DD back in school, I have been working on sock monkeys and Note to Self Mini books. We are off for Labor Day weekend and afterward I will add more items to the online shop. I won’t be participating in any craft fairs for the rest of the year. It seems everything is cancelled for the year, or will be soon. I will keep working on getting all my ducks in a row until the next fair.

I hope your Fall is starting off healthy and happy!

Have wonderful Monday!

Missie S.