August 27, 2021 – Happy Last Friday of August 2021!!

Happy last Friday of August 2021, Everyone!

Sunrise on 1st Day of School

Our DD went back to school this week. She was not too excited to go back. However, when she learned she would be riding the bus this year, life started to look sweeter. Life is looking sweeter for me too. I love my child, but I am hoping I can get a better grip on my time management skills and fill my Shop with some snuggly Sock Monkeys while DD is at school. It will be done.

We are back to packing lunches, sorting through hundreds of papers from school, and listening to stories of the dramas of recess. I am loving it so far, but will enjoy this last, busy week of August 2021. And it will just get busier!

What are you doing this weekend? Are they summery plans? Or, are they more Fall-type plans?

We are headed to a birthday party and a WELS teacher installation this weekend.

We saw this last Tuesday at our local Fleet Farm:

Fleet Farm Halloween Decor
Fleet Farm Halloween Decor

I must confess, this makes my heart SO HAPPY!

Have a fantastic weekend, Everyone!

Missie S. (giggleFritz)

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