Baking Day

Early today I decided it had to be a baking day.  Actually, yesterday was supposed to be baking day, but that didn’t work out.  Since tomorrow is grocery shopping day and we have basically nothing left to put into my husband’s lunch and no snacks for baby and me, today HAD to be baking day!

Two Loaves of Bread, One Pizza Crust and One Batch of Cookies
Two Loaves of Bread, One Pizza Crust and One Batch of Cookies
Pot of Chili!!
Pot of Chili!!

I started chocolate chip cookies around 9am and finished those around 11am.  Then, with toys strewn about the kitchen and my helper needing some attention, we had to have lunch.  When lunch was finished, diaper was changed, book was read, and baby was asleep, the bread dough was kneaded.  Next, the pizza dough was kneaded.  And after bread and pizza crust were baked and cooling down, chili was started on the stove for dinner.  Not too bad of a day: one batch of chocolate cookies made, two loaves of bread and one pizza crust baked and put in the freezer.  And many, many books read and breaks taken to distract my helper. ;D

Who says I don’t make anything anymore?  I am always being creative!

Creative update:

Since my last post I took my cross stitch project out once, but I didn’t work on it.  I was too cold and tired and coming down with a little cold.  This is a L-O-N-G, COLD winter! Anyway, I have much work to do on my lighthouse.  No new socktopus guys either.

Have a nice day, and keep warm!


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