Cabin/Planting Fever

I am battling, yet, another cold.  This time sneezing, runny nose and left nostril and eye will all-of-a-sudden tickle, itch, then run. So annoying! It’s not the only sickness I have. I don’t know if you’d classify it as cabin fever, but I have that itch to plant seeds.

I don’t get to plant too much in our condo on the northeast side of the building.  I grow basil and peppermint like no one’s business.  What little I plant, I love to watch grow. I am working towards a house in the country with plenty of room for a huge veggie garden. Until then I will scratch my itch with my basil/peppermint patio garden. I will have fun making do until then!

I hope you’re all having a cozy January weekend!

Missie 😀

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