Cake Walk


Today started out slowly and badly. I didn’t pop out of bed as I normally do. I waited until the last possible minute when I HAD to get the little girl up and out of her crib. Everything after that was me trying to pick up the slack. I got to the point where I had to look ahead and look forward to something just to get through the day. I remembered from the morning news it was National Chocolate Cake Day!! 🙂
That was good and all, but I had nothing that even closely resembled a chocolate cake. I made it my goal for the day to make sure we had chocolate cake for dessert tonight.
Next, I remembered my husband isn’t crazy about frosted chocolate cake. At birthdays, when this is served, he shares a couple bites of my cake. He does, however like brownies. I was really looking forward to decorating a cake, but opted to make brownies and throw some sprinkles on top.
Brownies for dessert, I had a worthwhile goal for my day! All would share the fruits of my labor! !!! Lol!
My day was not so bad. I have been working on more Socktopus guys for an upcoming craft show in March. I will post the flier soon.
Happy National Chocolate Cake Day, Everyone!! 🙂

Missie S.

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