December 11, 2021 – No Rush Saturday Morning, I Should Probably be Rushing

Good Morning!

There is nothing I like better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning. It’s been a while since I have done such a thing. “Sleeping in”, means 6:30/7:00 am. Today, I did that!

Actually, DD beat me to the couch. I trudged over and asked her how she slept, and she told me all about a bad dream she had. When her story was finished, we exchanged a good hug and I asked if she was hungry for breakfast yet. Nope. She started playing “Animal Crossing” on her Switch and I wandered into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

I pulled out a frying pan to cook up/use up some bacon from two weeks ago. I placed it on the stove, but before I turned on the burner, decided to check if the bacon was still good to eat. Nope. Fine by me. One less thing I had to cook. I trashed the bacon and started heating the pan for hash browns. I started coffee, cooked up some hash browns and eggs, peeled an orange, and decided on reading my book over a game of Sudoku. It was a wonderful, peaceful morning. Oh, AND the whole time there was a blizzard raging outside. It poured all night long, then turned to snow this morning. So, cozy feeling BONUS!

No Rush Saturday Morning for giggleFritz
The Book I am currently Reading – “The Empty Throne”, by Bernard Cornwell

We lounged around until 9am. Then, it was time to get moving. DD had “Christmas for Kids” at school, DH drove her and had stuff to do, and I am now tackling today’s “To Do” list. It was nice while it lasted. Now it is time to Rush!

Have a wonderful Saturday, and stay safe!

Missie S.

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