Grocery Shopping Adventure

My LO and I got back from grocery shopping about an hour ago.  Always an adventure when shopping with a baby!  Each and everything I took from the shelf had to be handed over to the naughty little baby.  When the item was not given quickly enough, the grunting began.  Yes, grunting, her newest “thing”!  I listened to a lot of whining, crying, and grunting during our grocery shopping adventure, because obviously I can’t give her things like meat or cleaner.  She held (and hugged fondly) the following items: iceberg lettuce, baby wipes, frozen pizza, cereal bars, block cheese, string cheese, pretzels, a 12-roll pack of toilet paper, bread, etc.

I have a little time left before “Grabby McGrunty” wakes up.  I’d better get to hiding the groceries.

Enjoy all your adventures today!

Missie 😀

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