Huge Tomatoes and Ice Cream

The last three days I have been even more uncomfortable than usual. Sitting through church in our hard wooden pews was torture. I have been alternating frequently between sitting, standing, and laying down. To ease the pain I asked my nice husband to bring me home some ice cream. He is the best! He brought a huge bucket of New York Vanilla that should last me a few days! 🙂
It has been warm and humid the last few days here in Wisconsin. That has been good for my HUGE tomatoes that I’ve been growing this year. They are huge but need to ripen.

My HUGE Tomatoes!!

Today, I closed up all the windows and curtains and turned on the central air. I don’t like to hibernate like that in the summer, but today it was just necessary.  For the first time today I am outside on our balcony. It is 7pm and still in the 80’s! Not my kind of weather at all. From our Impatiens-adorned balcony, I can smell the aroma of chinese food from the restaurant on the other side of the block. The humidity always intensifies that smell. Most days I hate it; it smells dirty. Today, I almost like it. Maybe because all day I breathed in cool, dry oderless air. Unreal.

View From My Balcony

Well, got to go. I think the baby wants more ice cream!
Have a nice evening!
Missie 😀

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