June 29, 2021 – Sushi?!

Today, it happened. I finally tried sushi. Here is my story.

My DH works in downtown Milwaukee. During the many years that we have been married, frugal me has always encouraged a brown bag lunch. I am into saving money. I pack the lunch, he eats the lunch, we are a great team! I try to pack different sandwiches and fun treats, but DH is kind of picky and often is too busy to eat. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were a staple, and coworkers would tease him about them because he ate them so often.

Well before the Covid lockdown DH had been eating out at the downtown restaurants at least once a week. There were many work lunches and coworker birthdays, etc. No big deal for frugal me, it saved me the time of packing a lunch. One of his favorite restaurants was a sushi restaurant where he loved Tuna Rolls. I heard about Tuna Rolls often and was encouraged to try them. “NO WAY! I don’t want parasites!” was my usual response. I just could NOT get around raw meat.

DH is still working from home. It has been over a year. He might return to the office in September. Meanwhile, I am very bored with the same things we have been eating for lunch with our DD over summer. We have gotten into the habit of stopping at the grocery store after swimming lessons and the library on Tuesdays. We would pick up two of those cheapy “Roma” pizzas and a few items we needed. Not the best lunch, but something different. I had mentioned to DH that the grocery store had sushi near the entryway and wondered if he would like to try it. He said, “Sure”. Today, I finally remembered to send him a photo of what they offered for sushi! He asked me to grab Spicy Tuna Rolls and I prepared myself to try at least one piece of sushi.

Grocery Store Sushi – Spicy Tuna Rolls

Did I like it? Yes. It came with the fake wasabi stuff on the side. I like that because it has horseradish in it. It was spicy good!

Am I a bit worried about getting parasites? Kind of. I mean, people warn of eating “Gas Station Sushi”. That’s kind of the same thing. It’s not from a Sushi Restaurant. If not for the parasites thing, I would LOVE this dish. We will see. At least I tried something new today!

Try something new today and have a wonderful day!

Missie S. 😀

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