Mommy Mummy

I am trying desperately to get ready for Barton Day Craft Fair this Saturday and Stoughton Coffee Break Fest the following Saturday.  So many ideas, so much to do, but my prego lady body is not cooperating!  I just cannot move.  Something is wrong with my tailbone, a misalignment or pinched nerve.  If I walk too much,  walk up hills or stairs, bend over, bend and twist, twist while sitting,  or even think of moving I end up in agonizing pain.  I can just picture the way I look when I walk around:  like a moaning groaning mummy monster.  I am horrible at being pregnant.

On the up side, I have gotten some new things made that I really like and hope customers will too.  Since I can’t move as much as I want, it has forced me to sit still and do hand stitching on the sock creatures.  It also allows me to look at Facebook too often and that MUST stop!  Anyway, while I sit and do things, baby is NOT sitting still at all.  She wiggles and kicks and I am pretty sure, does squat thrusts inside there.  I’ve started singing her some nursery rhymes.  My favorite is “One, Two, Buckle my Shoe”.  I wonder if she will recognize them later when she is out?

Today is my Husband and my 7th wedding anniversary!  It’s been seven great years together and I can’t wait to see where the next seven years takes us.  A sweet little girl will join my husband, daughter, and me in October/November.  Will there be more kids in the next few years?  A new house?  I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to help make it all happen.

I am off to finish a few things before dinner.

Have a wonderful evening! 🙂



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