October 20, 2020 – Scooby Doo! Haunted House YouTube Video

Hello, All! Just dropping by to say “Hi!”. I have been busy with many projects lately. One of the projects was listing a Scooby Doo! board game on ebay we don’t play anymore. I fixed the game up as best I could and took lots of wonderful pictures. As I was making the listing on ebay I decided I would make a video demonstrating that the spooky traps in the game all worked. I created a YouTube channel to share the video and then put the link to the video in the description of the listing. It was actually pretty fun to make!

I listed the game three weeks ago and was delighted to find it sold over the weekend. I thought I would share the video here. It’s the first YouTube video I ever made. There is no catchy, fun music or fancy editing, but I made it, so it falls into a giggleFritz creation and belongs on my blog. Maybe I will make another one soon.

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 😀

Missie S.

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