Happy Tuesday, All! How is this final week of April 2017 treating all of you? The last few days (weather-wise) have been beautiful around here! I took the time to hang some laundry and it really felt good. I had some help from my #1 helper. She loves to clip as many clothespins on one article of cloth as she can. One of her little washrags had eight clothespins perfectly lined up on the wash line. We don’t have a normal wash line because DH doesn’t want one. When he is at work I just string a rope through the railing of our deck. I hang four lines that get some decent sun and wind up on our hill. I save us a little money on the electric bill and DD and I get more time outside. Win, win!

Last week DD took an interest in Playdough again. We have been spending a lot of time at the kitchen table surrounded by plastic molds and tubs of wonderful smelling Playdough! I am stopping by today to share my favorite characters.


May is on the way! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Missie S.

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