Taxes and Newspapers

I love getting the newspaper and I hate getting the newspaper.

Love: Recipes, comics, coupons, news, travel in that order.  The coupons come out first.  If I can’t clip them right away, they go into my grocery shopping binder for later.  Next, I read the rest of the ads, then the comics.  Then, I dig deeper and see what’s going on in the world with the news.  The main reason for my subscription to the Journal Sentinel out of Milwaukee, WI, is the recipes.  I especially love this section during summer and holidays.  There are rare times when I find nothing I will use, but I usually clip out at least one recipe or tip.

Hate: News.  It’s either depressing or biased towards the Democrats.  I want an unbiased media.  Also, they rarely report GOOD news.  There is good news out there and I want more of it!

Over the holiday my newspaper pile really stacked up.  I had so many papers I couldn’t get to, that they stacked up under the coffee table.  I couldn’t fit anymore under there and I was afraid my husband would start calling me a hoarder again.  This past weekend I forced myself to go through the stack and toss out the unnecessary.   I only got half way through, but found more great recipes!

While reading through a comic section from a week or two ago, I came to my favorite comic strip: Family Circus.  I love the drawings and scenes of family life in this comic.  At first, I looked at the comic and thought it was cute.  It was really simple, Bill Keane was saying, “Here we go again” and there was a whirlwind of activities that encompass the whole year.  The drawing had New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, going to the beach, back to school, Christmas and everything in between.  When I looked at each of the little drawings that made up a year, I became really happy!  Why?  This is a difficult time of year.  We are done with Christmas, it’s tax time, the weather is cold and dreary, and whatever you have to deal with right now is just more depressing.  However, looking at all the things that are coming up in this new year makes me look forward in anticipation.  What will I learn? Who will I meet?  What new goals can I set and achieve?  Where will I go?  What will I see?  What drawings will I add to MY whirlwind at the end of the year?

Family Circus Comic
Family Circus Whirlwind of Drawings

Before anything else can be planned on and anticipated, I must pay my sales taxes for giggleFritz and Co. this week.  Today is paperwork and sales tax prep day.  Yuck!  I was sick this weekend, but I did manage to get some things done around the condo so I wouldn’t have to worry about them this week.  Christmas finally got packed away in storage for next year.  Laundry got done.  I am off to do my taxes!

Have a Marvelous Monday!


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