Working the Spicey Life

I am filling in at my last job for three weeks for the lady that replaced me when I quit.  My last job was at a place that sold spices, spice blends, etc.  I worked last week and have two weeks to go.  It has been difficult working an 8 hour day being so large and pregnant. However, I am so busy my mind gets taken off of being uncomfortable. Everyone has been so nice to me and helpful as well.
Last week was also very busy because I had to come home and make dinner FAST! I don’t miss working full-time and then racing home to make dinner, scarf it down, and then clean up as fast as possible before dying on the couch. I also had to do several loads of laundry after work a few nights, because I was behind on laundry and I don’t have many business-casual maternity clothes. During all this hard work it made me think of how I will really appreciate being a stay at home mom. Oftentimes, I think it won’t be enough to be home taking care of kids and the house, like I won’t be pulling my weight. My husband reassures me that is a full-time job itself, and he doesn’t see me as lazy. But, it is difficult to measure your own worth when for so long you brought home a decent paycheck and you no longer do. After last week, I can see it more clearly.
I will still be running my business, giggleFritz and Co. It is a little blurry to me right now how much I will be able to do. I am not good at waiting to see how things will turn out. I am not good at sitting still at all. Maybe, that is one of my strengths.
Tomorrow is Monday. Have a great week, and work at your own spicey life!
Missie 🙂

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