April 30, 2023 – It was what it was…

Hello All! I know there are people who hate the saying, “It is what it is.” But, I am not one of them. I fall back on it often. April 2023 was truly, “It was what it was.” It was both dark and trying, AND a ray of sunshine. :

Some of the Bad: My friend passed away, I had surgery, I scrambled to get my part of taxes done.

Some of the Good: My friend is in heaven, Easter, I am 100% fine after surgery, taxes are done.

So, now we are moving on to May! I have been sewing and making plans for summer. Two days ago I sent off my registration form for Coffee Break Fest in August and I am very excited about that! (Don’t you LOVE the Forever LOVE stamps?) More registration forms will go out soon.

Proof that I am working! 😀

I have also kept up with running and need to get registration forms in for June and July runs. More on that later. One of the “good” things that came out of April was that I took some time and money and finally ordered new running shoes. AND they are purple!! 😀

New Running Shoes – Asics GT-1000 11s

DD is signed up for a few rec classes this summer: soccer, archery, and tennis. We still need to plan a short vacation. I am managing and playing on our Coed Church league softball team. And there are a multitude of things happening during our final month of school.

May will be better. God is AMAZING!

Enjoy your last day of April 2023!

Missie S.