It’s Early!

Ah, yes! Another restless night of “wake up around 2am and can NOT fall back to sleep again.” I can’t shut my brain off and it’s driving me crazy! This isn’t the first time I’ve found myself wide awake in the middle of the night during this pregnancy. I try for 1-2 hours to get back to sleep and eventally wake up a few hours later to my alarm clock or to use the bathroom. Tonight, I am wondering if I should get out of bed and do something. Then, I have NO chance of falling back to sleep, but I could get something done. So, here I am on the internet, really getting a lot done! (Heavy on the sarcasm! ;D)
There’s so much to do before our baby comes. The project I am working on is sewing cloth diapers. I started the first diaper, but got pulled away by other tasks. I want to finish that first diaper later today so that I have the first one done and can make adjustments. I am worried I will be held up again. I finished a custom bookcover order yesterday and found I need to get my sewing machine in for maintainance. It’s been a while. The place I used to take it to is out of business and I need to find a new repair shop. When I use my machine the stitching is coming out a bit uneven. Either the top or bottom stitch is looser than the opposite stitch. The bookcover turned out beautifully, but this problem was obvious when I made the first diaper.
If I can get my sewing machine in for repair, I have a mountain of other tasks I can work on while I wait for its return. The baby room needs to be sorted out and set up, I need to wash more baby clothes, I can cut out the pieces for the cloth diapers and nursing pads that need to be sewn, I can go through more “stuff” in our condo and donate to Goodwill or list it on Ebay, I have to process more tomatoes from the garden, etc. There’s always something keeping me busy around here, day or middle of the night!
Ok, here’s my plan for now: make up a “To Do” list while enjoying a nice bowl of cereal. After that, try to get some sleep.

It’s Early!

Have a great Monday, my fellow, busy Insomniacs!