February 21, 2019 – Planting Cilantro

We just keep getting hammered by snow! Yesterday, we got a few more inches of snow, so DD and I played outside and shoveled some more. I love winter, but I would really love to open up the windows and air the house out right about now.

We walk around our garden, playing and tossing garbage on the compost pile, and I notice things sticking out of the thick snow. We have 2-3 raspberry plants, fence and posts, and old, dead cilantro plants we let go to seed. The plants are full of seeds, also known as coriander. Two days ago, we were outside playing in the snow (I was scraping ice off of the driveway so everyone would be a bit safer) when an idea hit me. I wonder if I plant the coriander, would it grow? I know the seeds survive the winter, but are they protected by the soil?  There’s only one way to find out. (Yes, I could look it up on the internet or in one of my gardening books, but that is WAY too easy!)

We journeyed over to the garden and plucked off a few stems of stiff cilantro. We took them in the house, picked the coriander, and gathered them into a bowl. In the garage, I shoveled some old potting soil into a clay flower pot. Both the pot with soil and the coriander seeds were left to sit overnight to come to room temperature. This morning, I wet the soil and planted four of the seeds in the pot. Now we wait.

Cilantro Plant – Day 1

Time to get back to work.

Have a great day!

Missie S.