Craft Fair Roller Coaster

I am getting excited in good and bad ways about our upcoming craft fair.  We will start out with the good, I think:

Good Excited:  I get all excited and make things that I’m really proud of.  I look forward to all of the people walking around and the excitement of the day.  People say nice things about the things I make.  People love Sock Monkeys!  I get to sell my things.

Bad Excited: I look around at what everyone else has made and get intimidated.  Their things are better than mine!  Some people say mean things, like, your thing-a-ma-bobby is nice, but not for THAT price.  People may not buy things because they are all “just looking”.  Lugging tables, props, products, etc. in and out of vehicles and buildings is not fun either.

Yikes! Every time a craft fair comes up it is a big roller coaster of emotions.  I often wonder if I should stop participating in art/craft fairs and sell online and at “Inspired for You” (consignment) only.  But then I also think art/craft fairs are important for my business.  It’s a good way to get your name out there and your products seen.  Sales are important! (duh!)  It is a good way to set deadlines for yourself to finish more products you’re working on.  It has also been exciting to watch how my business has grown.  I always take pictures and looking back at them is enlightening.  I like seeing the first pictures of the booth and items sold and the changes I’ve made in both.

Excited good or bad, next Friday night and Saturday giggleFritz will be at the Fall Fair to Remember at Washington Co. Fair Park South of West Bend, WI.  The booth and items will be ready to go, and I will be waving from the craft fair roller coaster!

See you there!

Missie 😀



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