Sketching – Off the Beaten Path

I am getting things done today and I got much done over the weekend.  Sometimes it feels like never enough.  That’s when it’s a good idea to veer off the beaten path.  Lately, I have wanted to get back to sketching.  Besides coloring with crayons, drawing and sketching were my first art loves.  My sister and I would draw houses and blue prints of what our houses would look like one day.  We would draw ladies in big poofy dresses from Gone with the Wind days.  Sewing and crafting are both great creative outlets, but sketching is unique.  Each sketch is different in perspective, shading, shape, size, line.  It is even incredible to me that we see an object, our eyes take the image in, our brain translates that image, and it projects its own version of the image back out.  It’s incredible and unique.  (Note-to-self: I will have to find my high school sketch book one of these days!)

So, I took a short break from sewing a few minutes ago and made a little sketch.  I thought, “Hey, taking a little time for a little sketch sounds like a good idea to me!”  My coffee cup was my victim of choice.

“My Favorite Coffee Cup” Sketch



Hey, I didn’t say I was a GREAT sketch artist.  Anyway, maybe I will take a few minutes each day for a little sketch practice.  We will see what I come up with!

Have a great day!


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