Ditz Machine

Did you have a nice Christmas?  I really did this year.  I had a great time talking with family and friends.  People gave me some very nice gifts and did not go overboard on the quantity of presents given.  I feel people were happy with the gifts my family gave.  My only complaint, and it is my own fault, no one but mine,  I ate and drank WAY too much!  I feel like I am detoxing as I write this (and when I said “drank” I meant soda and punch.  I am not a big alcoholic drinker.  I had a glass or two of wine, but too much soda!)  I am so sorry liver and pancreas!  I will behave now!

So, what is next?  I know many people are still visiting with their families.  My sister stayed with my family over Christmas, but she went home yesterday.  I will spend time with my daughter today and tomorrow.   My husband went back to work yesterday.  I also am back to work sewing, crocheting, and minding the store (Inspired for You).  I’m just not good at sitting still.  When I do, I eat and get antsy.

Valentine Sock Monkeys Before Photo

What is giggleFritz working on?  Sock Monkeys!!!  Of Course!  I have some very cute socks for Valentine sock monkeys.  They should be ready before February 1st.  But, not only sock monkeys.  For the past six months I have been telling myself to pretty up and organize my workspace.  Something always comes up or is more important to work on.  No more excuses!  Yesterday, I started arranging my workspace and making plans for a more organized, Zen area where I can create beautiful things!  I will paint a wall, get some bookshelves, buy better office supplies, and be ready for the “come what may”.  Then, I will do my taxes.  No more Ditz Machine!  My New Year resolution, no, my right now and always resolution, is to be more put-together.   I will share some “before” and “after” photos when I am finished.

If you have some holiday time off, enjoy and relax!

If you are working today or this week, MAKE your day great!


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