Happy July 1st!!

Happy July 1st everyone!  Nothing monumental happened today, but at least the weather was truly beautiful.  If every day had weather like today, my attitude would be significantly more cheerful.

I started a new sock monkey today and am determined to finish it in less than a week this time.  I finished a Socktopus this morning and it is posted in the giggleFritz shop and Etsy Shop.  That Socktopus should have been for sale last week, but I did not make myself sew on the last leg and apply his face.  Well, done, done, done.  It’s time to get hoppin’!

Last week I sent in my registration papers for this year’s Coffee Break Fest craft fair in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  It is my favorite craft fair of the year!  I am a little bummed I won’t be able to sample the coffee in the contest this year (no caffeine, Prego Girl!!).  I love the people and the car show and hope it’s a great Festival this year.  Oh, and no rain!

I am off to catch the rest of the Milwaukee Brewer’s game and some Duck Dynasty with my husband.

Enjoy the rest of your July 1st! 😀


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