Homework: Cloth Diapers

It has been horribly humid in Southeastern Wisconsin the past few days.  We spent a good deal of time outside over 4th of July weekend and it was draining on the body.  It has been nice staying in the condo since Monday, stitching Sock Monkeys and working on my Etsy Shop.

When I feel my inventory of crafty items is in good order, I will need to attend to a new, important project: cloth diaper making.  I have been doing my homework on this subject, and goodness, there are so many web sites out there on cloth diapering!!  There are so many patterns and tutorials.  You can buy fitted cloth diapers from crafters, ebay, or distributors.  People sell used cloth diapers (I had NO idea that was “a thing”).

For my first daughter, I used all disposable diapers.  I tried cloth diapering in the beginning, and it did not go well.  We used the prefolds with the plastic pants and they always leaked.  Little did I know then, we were probably using diapers that did not fit correctly.  I had NO time on my hands, much less time for leaking diapers, so disposables were the thing, the EXPENSIVE, bad for the environment thing.  Over the years I have tried to cut down on disposable everything.  I maybe buy one roll of paper towels in a year, MAYBE one.  We use and reuse dish rags and towels at my house.  I am not willing to clog up landfills with thousands more disposable diapers.  So, I’ve been reading many different web sites, trying to find the easiest way to make diapers that will not leak.  I have gathered old t-shirts, other shirts, etc. but I will need to get to Joann Fabrics soon for a few more things.  When I get a few made, I will post a picture of my creation.  They may not be pretty, I just need them to work!

Off to work I go!

Happy Day, All! 🙂



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