I had a great day this past Saturday. I got together with two of my sisters and we did some shopping in Juneau and Mayville, Wisconsin.  In Juneau, we stopped at a neat resale store called “Junio’s”.  We found some good deals on books and I picked up some gently used maternity clothes. I have really come to appreciate dresses while pregnant. I don’t usually wear dresses too often, but they are so liberating with my baby bump!!
After lunch, we ended up at “Carriage Haus Shops” in Mayville.  This store, I think you would call a co-op of small business owners who sell a variety of goods: artists, crafters, resalers, antique sellers, etc. It was here that I found the neatest thing. I bought this little ceramic cat, squatting down on all fours. He is a tape dispenser and the tape goes over his head as he ducks down.  I am not a big cat lover, in fact I am a dog person. But, the shape, colors, usefulness, and price of this little guy was simply perfect. I had to have him!!

My Treasure!

It was wonderful to get out and treasure hunt. I’m inspired with new ideas and perspectives.  I want to create someone’s next treasure!
Happy Monday, Everyone! 😀

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