January 01, 2019 – Happy New Year Sock Monkey

Oooooo….I wrote it down on the very first day of the year. I got the new year correct on the first try! I am sure I will mess a few dates up on checks soon to follow. I’ll have to work on that.

I wanted to post something here on the very first day of this new year. I wanted it to be special. I sat down and whipped up a sock monkey sketch – in ink! That is bold for me. When I sketch it is in pencil and I use many wimpy light lines until I form the shapes I want. NOT TODAY! I laid it down in ink, Baby! INK!

“Happy New Year Sock Monkey” sketch in ink – by giggleFritz and Co. (Missie Schachtschneider)

Not bad, but I just noticed, no tail!

As I was working on my sketch DD saw what I was doing and wanted to know if she could make a picture too. I said, “Of course!” She made the same drawing but decided to use a duck instead of a sock monkey. I love it!

“Happy New Year Duck” sketch in ink – giggleFritz and Co.

A nice start to 2019. I hope your year is starting off nicely too.

Missie S.


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