January 06, 2019 – Happy Epiphany!

I am enjoying the holiday season way more now than before Christmas. The work and stress is done and I like not having to quickly work on one project and rush on to the next. I am especially enjoying our Christmas tree.

When we bought our (real) Christmas tree this year it was precut, but super fresh. There was a shortage of trees and many were shipped out west to meet the demand there. There were less trees to choose from AND they hiked up the price. Our tree was a tad shorter this year and a tad more expensive. No problem! It was still a joy to light it up!

Because the tree was so fresh, it didn’t smell like Christmas-y pine tree. Only when the tree stops drinking and is really dying does it smell like pine. Our tree started to actually smell a few days ago. I love it! Every time I walk past I get to smell Christmas. As you can imagine I am NOT taking down Christmas yet.

I am a little disappointed in my neighbors. We live in a rural subdivision. As of last night half of the neighborhood had taken down their Christmas lights. When I peak out of my windows tonight I see not one house with Christmas lights. The neighborhood is dark everywhere… except MY house! We didn’t put up a ton of lights, but to heck with that if I am taking down my lights just when I get to enjoy the peace of Christmas.  My lights and tree are staying up at least one more week, if not, longer!

Candy Cane and Snowman Lights

In the crafting world I think I am supposed to be rushing on to the next holiday: Valentine’s Day. That’s not happening quite yet. I am going to go enjoy my Christmas tree some more.

Have a blessed Epiphany! Wisemen still seek him!

Missie S.

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