January 1, 2020 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone! How exciting, a brand new year!

I wanted to make a responsible, smart list of resolutions for the new year. As I worked on different tasks, or rode along in the car, I mulled over things I wanted to do differently and new projects I should be tackling. Twice I pulled out my daily planner to jot things down. Then, I got side tracked with thinking of how I would make my new planner for the year. Nothing got written down. Not. One. Thing.

New Year’s Eve came and went. We played games, ate food, and drank some wine. We watched the ball drop, I tried to sing along to “Auld Lang Syne” (I love that old tune! 😀 ), and we went to bed. I have been feeling a bit disappointed in myself all day because I still haven’t physically written anything down on paper as far as resolutions go. But, it occurred to me: THAT is my number one resolution.

1. Reduce procrastination in planning/writing things down. – I will plan part or all of my day THE NIGHT BEFORE.

This is a HUGE one for me! “Planning” is on the resolution list, but I need to narrow that down. I constantly read articles from people who get things done, they plan their day the night before. I don’t do it because I am too tired and I don’t exactly know what I am going to all cram into my day. So, I wait for the next day, I spend too much time fooling around planning my day, and then I don’t stick to my plan anyway. It’s a mess and it boils down to making some decisions ahead of time and sticking to them.

2. I will write more. More what? Everything. On the giggleFritz and Co. web site, brainstorm ideas, stories, articles. I like to write, I want to write more often.

3. I will keep running. I want to run a 10K this year.

These three resolutions are the start of my list. I will write more resolutions privately. They are not in order of importance. It’s a start!

Now I am off to plan my tomorrow.

I hope you had a wonderful first day of the new year!

Missie S.

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