March 15, 2021 – The Day after Vacation

Hello again! How have you been? How’s your liver? Lol! That’s something my mom used to say as a greeting: “How’s your liver?” My liver is well and I hope yours is too.

Yesterday, we returned from a short vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We had a great time and it was much needed. We didn’t go anywhere last year due to Covid, so it was really wonderful to step away from our normal lives for a few days. I couldn’t do laundry, make dinner, wash dishes, or put people’s stuff away for 2.5 days. Fantastic! Best of all, we went with fun people, had a blast at the waterpark, and got to sit around and do nothing at all for brief periods of time. I even read some of my book! Fantastic!

Today is the day after vacation. Also, daylight saving was this past weekend. Getting up this morning was pretty awful. However, I am surprised at how focused I am today. After I got moving I had/have all sorts of ambition. For instance, I am writing on my blog! Yay! I will have to make an important “Note-to-Self” to step away more often.

The day after vacation started off beautifully. While making breakfast and packing DD’s lunch, I heard a bunch of noise outside. I disregarded it as one of the teenagers from the neighborhood driving to school with their radio playing really loudly. I looked out the front window anyway and saw a school bus had driven by. As I saw the bus stopped at the stop sign down the road, I noticed the gorgeous sunrise in the east. I mean GORGEOUS! I yelled to DD that she HAD to see this sunrise! She came and looked, agreed it was beautiful, then ran back to her breakfast and cartoon. I ran to my phone so I could snap a picture before the brilliant colors of that sunset disappeared. The picture below doesn’t even do it justice.

March 15, 2021 – Gorgeous Sunrise

I believe the old saying is: “Pink skies in morning, sailors take warning!” But, I am NOT a sailor. I am a sock monkey maker! So, I hope this sunrise is a sign of the beautiful day to come.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Missie S.

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