March 23, 2022 – I like Writing and “Free” Dental Merch

Hello, All! Life is always busy and I haven’t made time to drop by and share about things going on. As I stumble around during an average day, I think to myself, “I should write about that on my blog.” Or, just, “I should write that down”. I DO write stuff down, but the stuff isn’t interesting.

One morning, I wrote up a long entry on how I planted some onion seeds. I was really proud of my onions I planted last year (2021) and I even harvested some seeds! I was stoked! I didn’t publish the article right away because it needed some editing. By the end of the day, when I finally got back to it, I looked at it and thought, “What was I thinking? No one else cares about my stupid onion seeds. That isn’t interesting. Besides, what does it have to do with my sewing business?” I deleted the article, turned off my computer, and seriously thought about other ridiculous things I may have posted in the past.

What is “interesting”? I think about that often. If onion seeds are NOT interesting, what DO I consider interesting? Traveling? Kind of. Make up? No. Historical Crime? Yes. It’s subjective and relative. Maybe, what makes something interesting is HOW a person writes about it.

Anyway, I should have just finished and posted my onion seeds article. The reader can decide if it is interesting, or not. The truth is, I enjoy writing and I should do more of it. (And more sewing. I run a sewing business, did you know?) I will stop by more often and share some interesting things going on around me. And, I will write about the things in the mornings, when I have more courage.

Here’s a thing that I did today: I visited the dentist for a cleaning and checkup for the first time since before Covid. I have a cavity. Boo! But, I scored some “free” dental merch! LOL! Are you jealous? We go to West Bend Dental and I love that place! They gave me a purple toothbrush! I don’t think I have ever had a purple toothbrush. Winning!

“Free” Dental Merch! from West Bend Dental in West Bend, WI

I am off to do “interesting” things with my clean teeth and tiny cavity.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Missie S. 😀

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