April 12, 2022 – Sheets to the Wind and Dental Work

Hello, All! No worries, I am NOT drunk. Lol! I just hung out some laundry yesterday. After all, the phrase is “Three sheets to the wind” = very drunk. We finally, FINALLY, got some warmer weather yesterday, here in southeast Wisconsin. The last weeks have been cold, dreary, and sometimes very windy. However, yesterday the cold wind brought warmer weather, so I got to wash and hang our warm, fuzzy flannel bed sheets. When I brought them in at the end of the day, they smelled amazing!

Sheets in the Wind 😉

You may be wondering, “Missie, are these hanging on your deck?” Why, Yes! Yes they are. DH has never wanted a clothesline at our home. I do. For the 6+ years we have lived here, I have hung laundry on our deck. I have a rope I string across the rails and make four lines. I have hung many, many loads of laundry over the years, both inside and outside, year round. I do it for the following reasons:

  1. I like to find reasons to MAKE myself be outside
  2. I love the smell of our laundry when it is dried outside
  3. It makes our clothing/bedding last longer
  4. I enjoy saving money on electricity

Today, it is supposed to be warmer than yesterday. I will definitely do my running outside instead of on the treadmill in the basement. We are supposed to get rain later and tomorrow. After tomorrow we are supposed to get a bunch of wind rain/snow, and it will stay cold over Easter and into next week. Fun, fun springtime in Wisconsin, each and every year. It’s ok, though! It forces me to work inside and I have lots of work to do. Like, finish this Socktopus guy and list him in my shop:

Almost Finished Socktopus Guy

As the title states, I also had some dental work done yesterday. In my last post I bragged about my “free” dental merch and told you about my tiny cavity. I got that guy filled. Yay, glad that’s over.

Well, that’s all for now. I have been searching for craft fairs, working on products, and also doing all the boring things, like making dinner, hanging laundry, and going to the dentist. I will check in again soon. I hope whoever is reading this is having a nice day and appreciating the “boring” things they are getting done. The boring things matter…a LOT. YOU matter a LOT!

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 😀

Missie S.

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