May 16, 2022 – Here we are, the Middle of May

Hello, All! Happy Easter! Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Spring!

There, I think I covered it all, LOL! I haven’t stopped by here in a while because…pick an excuse. I’m busy, I have poor time management skills, I keep hurting myself in my quest to stay young…ALL of these things. 😀

What have I been doing? Well, not sewing enough, that’s for sure. Also, nothing very blog-worthy. I keep volunteering to do stuff at our school/church and have been thoroughly enjoying it. We have also been doing end of school stuff for DD. She had her first piano recital last Tuesday evening and that was very inspiring! In between everything I’ve been trying to keep up with housework, meals, errands, etc. You know, life.

Leading up to Easter our church put together a hand bell choir and I was fortunate to join it. I had never played hand bells before, but was assured there was nothing to it. In the beginning, I had one bell. It was easy and fun. At the end, I had two hand bells and two chimes. My friend next to me had four bells the whole time with some hand chimes thrown in at the end. Still fun, but challenging also. It was so much fun getting together once a week and working with those bells and people!

Hand Bell section of the Balcony at Church

Mother’s Day was so much fun. A few of us got together for brunch at a local restaurant. We don’t usually do a lot for Mother’s Day, but this year I felt like doing something different. My DDs were once again overly generous and gave me some wonderful gifts: flowers (real and artificial), my favorite coffee, cards, etc. Part of my youngest’s gift was a coloring sheet she drew and traced stencils on. I colored it the same day. (For someone who runs a “creative” business, I should really try coloring a bit more creatively! Oh, well. Strapped for time, remember?)

Mother’s Day Coloring Page

Two weeks ago softball started. I signed up for coed softball at our Church. I haven’t played in 8+ years and I am so happy to be playing again! I’ve had a bit of a rough start so far. During a practice I got pegged in the foot with the ball and at last weeks game I did so much sprinting my legs were screaming for ice packs at the end of the game. I’m doing much better today, though, and am looking forward to another fun/busy week.

First Night of Softball – Post game (a beautiful evening!)
Evening of Game 2 – Driving Home (pulled over to get this neat pic of setting sun)

What’s up next? In a few weeks, school is out. We get a week off of just being home, then we start our summer schedule with swimming and soccer for DD. She also starts Rubber ball this week. (We are really lucky to be taking swimming lessons. In our area there aren’t enough people who want to be lifeguards, so some pools are going to be closed for summer, or modified in some way to stay open.) We have 5K for Kids run in early June. I’m supposed to plan a family vacation for some time this summer. Coffee Break Fest in August. Lots to do.

I hope Everyone reading this is having a wonderful Monday! 🙂

Missie S.

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