Missie in the Kitchen with Rice

I think I am on week four of morning sickness and it is such a bummer!  There is so much stuff I could be/should be doing, and I just lack focus.  My biggest challenge everyday is dinner: planning and making it.  Nothing sounds good.  I can’t tell if my family wants to each what I make or not.  I was the leftover eater of the house and now we save NOTHING.  Oh, baby, I know this will be worth it!

Saturday evening I didn’t know what to do with myself after dinner.  We had just gotten done eating Burger King and I was not going to crawl in bed and spend the next how many hours under the covers, not yet.  (You cannot begin to imagine the nightmares and insomnia I had that night and I blame it on the Burger King!)  I grabbed a deck of Snoopy cards and played two games of solitaire.  I got bored with that and had a sudden urge to organize something.  I have this old box of recipes on recipe cards from my mom.  It is filled with old recipes from my mom, grandma, and other ladies that had swapped recipes long ago.  The box needed to be organized because a few years ago, I dropped the box on the floor and most of the cards fell out.  Organizing the box has been on my list of things to do for a long time.  I didn’t get very far on sorting everything, but I found some good recipes that I can use in the near future.

Included in the box are recipe cards from Minute Rice.  I am so psyched to use some of those recipes, mostly because you can make them in 20 minutes.  Last night I made their Cheeseburger Rice recipe.  So easy, and my husband thinks it tastes like McDonald’s cheeseburger.  The recipe made a large amount too.  My husband, daughter, and I ate about half of the dish.  I threw the other half in the freezer for a later time.  I am hoping the rice will freeze well.  If not, I am not very concerned right now.

Cheeseburger Rice by Minute Rice
Cheeseburger Rice Recipe – Minute Rice

Dinner tonight will be “Tuna ‘n Rice Dinner”.  Prep. Time: 20 min

Tuna ‘n Rice Dinner by Minute Rice
Tuna ‘n Rice Dinner Recipe – Minute Rice

I HAD to “Like” the Minute Rice page on Facebook.  I am hoping they will share other great, fast recipes.  Check them out on Facebook and Like their page: Minute Rice Facebook

Pregnancy is hard, Minute Rice recipes are easy! Bless you Minute Rice!

Have a nice Monday!

Missie 😀

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