Getting Ready for Easter

I wandered out of doors this morning to run some errands.  I needed to go to the bank, the library, and Shopko.  Like others that I chat with, I am tired of this long-lasting winter.  It’s been sunny here in Wisconsin, but so darn cold!  The sun has brought the birds to my feeder, a group of three cardinals and other sweet little birdies.  But, don’t get me wrong, I want to open my windows soon, and air out this stagnant atmosphere.

I ran my errands and at the end, stopped at Shopko.  I needed to take a look at their vitamin section.  When I got there, another lady was planted in front of the vitamins I desired.  I walked off, deciding to look around until the other lady was finished looking.  I found the candy aisle!   “Oh, yes, Easter Candy!  I might as well get my candy now while I’m here,” I thought.

Easter Candy!

It’s hard buying candy, isn’t it?  You always have to be economical, and don’t say, “Then why don’t you go to Walmart?”  I HATE Walmart, it is evil and I boycotted it years ago!  So, I wandered around the candy aisles and carefully picked out traditional favorites my family enjoys.  I grabbed jelly beans, cream filled eggs, peanut butter eggs, and Peeps!  I ended up putting a few things back in the end, because I am making some cut out sugar cookies.  I will make the dough tomorrow, freeze it, and finish them up next week, right before Easter Sunday.

One of the new things I saw at the store were big chocolate bunnies that you could break apart.  Russel Stover and Hershey’s each had a version of this boxed chocolate bunny.  I thought that is a good idea for two reasons: first, if you are sharing, you can easily break off a piece for someone.  Second, if you are trying to be good you could eat one section a day and it is conveniently divided up for you already.

I saw this neat idea on Facebook, where someone dyed their Easter eggs with Kool-Aid packets.  I am going to try that and see how well it works.  No one in our family really likes hard boiled eggs, so I have been blowing out eggs we use and saving the shells.  That should make it go quicker because I don’t have to boil the eggs.  I will post some pictures when I’m done so you can see how well it works.

Blown-out egg and Kool-Aid “Dye”

I’m glad I have a good start on Easter, it will be here shortly!

Have a nice evening!


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