March 15, 2021 – The Day after Vacation

Hello again! How have you been? How’s your liver? Lol! That’s something my mom used to say as a greeting: “How’s your liver?” My liver is well and I hope yours is too.

Yesterday, we returned from a short vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We had a great time and it was much needed. We didn’t go anywhere last year due to Covid, so it was really wonderful to step away from our normal lives for a few days. I couldn’t do laundry, make dinner, wash dishes, or put people’s stuff away for 2.5 days. Fantastic! Best of all, we went with fun people, had a blast at the waterpark, and got to sit around and do nothing at all for brief periods of time. I even read some of my book! Fantastic!

Today is the day after vacation. Also, daylight saving was this past weekend. Getting up this morning was pretty awful. However, I am surprised at how focused I am today. After I got moving I had/have all sorts of ambition. For instance, I am writing on my blog! Yay! I will have to make an important “Note-to-Self” to step away more often.

The day after vacation started off beautifully. While making breakfast and packing DD’s lunch, I heard a bunch of noise outside. I disregarded it as one of the teenagers from the neighborhood driving to school with their radio playing really loudly. I looked out the front window anyway and saw a school bus had driven by. As I saw the bus stopped at the stop sign down the road, I noticed the gorgeous sunrise in the east. I mean GORGEOUS! I yelled to DD that she HAD to see this sunrise! She came and looked, agreed it was beautiful, then ran back to her breakfast and cartoon. I ran to my phone so I could snap a picture before the brilliant colors of that sunset disappeared. The picture below doesn’t even do it justice.

March 15, 2021 – Gorgeous Sunrise

I believe the old saying is: “Pink skies in morning, sailors take warning!” But, I am NOT a sailor. I am a sock monkey maker! So, I hope this sunrise is a sign of the beautiful day to come.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Missie S.

February 5, 2021 – Little Valentines

Hello, All! It’s been a slow start to the year. I thought of writing several times in January, but everything I did was mostly unremarkable and didn’t deserve to be written about. I haven’t had the motivation, or inspiration, to work on much of anything to put in my shop. However, yesterday I decided to get out my stamps and paper punches, and I made a few little valentines. I thought I would stop by and share.

Little Valentines – by giggleFritz and Co.

There is something satisfying about using a stamp and ink!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Missie S.

December 26, 2020 – Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! My family and I celebrated Christmas on Wednesday evening, Christmas Eve. We had a blast and then slept in on Christmas Day. I ate too much, drank too much, but would have liked to visit more. We missed seeing many family members this year. We are very thankful for the family we got to visit with and had a good time, anyway.

giggleFritz Christmas Tree 2020

Above, is our 2020 Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree! How unsymmetrical are your branches! No problem! When we light it up in the darkness, it is the most magical tree.

We get a real tree every year, usually fresh cut from a tree farm in our area. Two years ago we had a disappointing search for tree, so last year we spent a small fortune at Stein’s on a precut tree. This year I insisted we buy a local tree again. We had a nice time finding this tree on a mild winter day. $25 to a local tree farmer too!

When it was time to decorate the tree, I tested all of the strings of lights. One string was shot, but we had a back up. I put up all of the lights, and wouldn’t you know it: one of the strings refused to light up. Second from the top could not be shook on! I switched out another new back up string and we were in business. For whatever reason, the rest of the decorating of the tree and house took another full week. We didn’t pull even half the decorations out, but we are content with what we put up. A true 2020 Christmas Tree!

Winter View from My Office

I hope you made the most of your Holiday, or are still having a joyous time! I am looking forward to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and 2021 filled with new blessings and opportunities. I hope you are too!

Happy Holidays, Friends!

Missie S. – giggleFritz and Co.

December 11, 2020 – “Go Make Someone Happy, Sock Monkey!”

I was shipping an order for a Sock Monkey yesterday. I said, “Go, make someone happy, Sock Monkey!” I have gotten into the habit of saying that, every time I ship a Sock Monkey. Here he is ready to spread some cheer to someone very soon, I hope!

“Go, Make Someone Happy, Sock Monkey!” – giggleFritz and Co.

It’s been very busy, in so many different ways. I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Season!

Have a fantastic Day!

Missie S.