October 31, 2019 – Happy Reformation Day! Happy Halloween! Happy last day of October 2019!

Many things to celebrate today!

  1. I am Lutheran, so a very Happy Reformation Day to all!
Image result for Lutheran symbol

2. We also celebrate Halloween as a fun fall/harvest type occasion. We love to decorate, dress up for Halloween, and go out trick or treating.

Help Yourself Trick or Treat!

3. It is also the last day of October, I am CELEBRATING!! This is always our busiest month. I am looking forward to slowing down a bit and being less busy! I might even try to read a book! 😀

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What are you celebrating today?

Missie S.

October 12, 2019 – Garden Mum Obsession

Every year in June I buy a wee little garden mum plant from Stein’s in West Bend. They always have a coupon special for $1.99 for a little 4-5 inch pot. I plant the mum and we watch it grow all summer long. As Fall approaches, we get excited. The bigger the mum gets, the closer we are to Fall and the “bers”! I have a strange garden mum obsession!
Our mum got nice and big this year. Here she is at her peak, four days ago!

Garden Mum 2019

Happy Saturday, All!

Missie S.

October 03, 2019 – Write all the Things Down!!

Someone in one of my Facebook groups shared this quote tonight and I had one of those, “YES! YES! PREACH!”, moments. I KNOW it is vitally important to write ALL the things down. Make a plan. Write the plan down. Follow the plan, ….but, it’s HARD! And that’s why it is worth doing.

Important quote by Robert A. Heinlein

Write all the things down and have a wonderful evening!

Missie S.

September 12, 2019 – Happy Birthday, giggleFritz!

Busy. It’s been busy. I want to just post a little update before I go back to all of the BUSY.

We celebrated my birthday last week, a small celebration with burgers, brats, cake and family. It was small and laid back, just how I LOVE things to be! Here is a picture of the birthday cake I made. It is Pumpkin Torte and it was DELICIOUS! Right before we served it, caramel topping was drizzled over the toasted walnuts and it was perfect. We also added a small scoop of vanilla ice cream for anybody that wanted it. Happy Birthday, Me!

Pumpkin Torte Birthday Cake for giggleFritz!

The day after my birthday party my DH and DD went to a Milwaukee Brewer’s game. Close game, but we lost 2-3. It was a great game and I got to see Yelich hit a home run in the 9th! I love being at Miller Park!

Miller Park – Home of the Milwaukee Brewer’s
We sat right next to the camera guys! Roof closed.

My birthday was rad! The rest of my time has been spent getting used to my Bookkeeping classes and getting my homework done. Also, making dinner, doing laundry, falling asleep on the couch, and all of the other normal shenanigans.

And now I must return to the “BUSY”!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Missie S.

August 29, 2019 – Coffee Break Fest, Back to School, AND Falling Forward

Hello! Just a little update…

Coffee Break Fest 2019 – Once again was a fabulous festival! They sold out of their coffee sampling mugs (500?!) and pig roast. We were surrounded by friendly and fun people, music, artists, and cars all day long. Winner of the coffee contest was Valentine Coffee. No surprise here. They had some tough competition, but their coffee is SO good! They are my second favorite coffee brand. (My absolute favorite is Collectivo.)

Stoughton Coffee Break Fest Collector’s Mug 2019

I gathered all of my mugs and was proud to see we have been a part of six past Coffee Break Fests. How awesome is that? (Answer: It’s super awesome!)

giggleFritz and Co. Collection of Coffee Break Fest Mugs

Thank you to everyone who organized and put together the festival, visited us at our booth, tried some coffee, ran in the 5k, looked at some cool cars, or just came out to the festival! This is a great community!

Back to School – Our DD went back to school last week. It is her first year of all day school. So far, she loves it, but it has come with a bit of stress and anxiety as well. And a little sniffle-y cold that we have been remedying with elderberry syrup and lots of hugs.

I also went back to school this week. I am taking some courses in bookkeeping. So far, so good. Always busy.

Fall – It’s coming. I’m loving it. People are already complaining about pumpkin spice. But, I. Am. Loving it!

Candy Corn Harvest Mix

I am off to work. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Missie S.

August 13, 2019 – Coffee Break Fest Prep

I’m getting ready for Coffee Break Fest this Saturday, and this pretty little lady is helping me stay focused. Also pictured, mugs from the past years of coffee tasting. LOVE this festival! Stop by between 9am and 3pm. See many talented craft fair vendors, stroll through the car show (both vintage and new models!), eat some delicious food, and taste some FANTASTIC coffee!

Pink Sock Bunny with Coffee Break Fest mugs

Have a great Tuesday!

Missie S.

August 01, 2019 – Hello, August!

Back to School Sock Monkey (Drawing is difficult, but I’m still gonna do it! LOL!!)

Farewell, July! Hello, August! Back to School indeed!

In the giggleFritz studio I am counting down the days until Coffee Break Fest on Saturday, August 17. I have been working on Sock Monkeys, Socktopus Guys, and bibs/burp clothes in particular. Love, love, LOVE this craft fair/festival!

In our household we have been counting down the days until Kindergarten begins: 21 days! In the meantime we have been wearing ourselves out at the playground, riding bikes, running/walking 5k’s, reading books, playing stuffed animals, going to Milwaukee Brewer games, traveled up to Ashland, WI to see Big Bay State Park, swimming, etc. We are about summered out!

Hold on! This month is going to fly by so fast your head will spin! (and THAT’s how I like my August!)

Happy August 1st!

Missie S.