January 27, 2022 – Happy New Year & This is the WORST Time of the Year

Hello, Everyone! It is just about February and I thought it might be a good time to wish you a Happy New Year. So, without further ado, Happy New Year to You!

The year has started out well. On December 31, 2021, DD and I went roller skating with DD’s friends. We welcomed in 2022 with my Husband at home on the couch. We gave a hardy, “Happy New Year!”, gave each other some hugs, and went to bed. That was perfectly lovely for us all!

January has been steadily busy. I have been working on several projects for giggleFritz and around our home. I have been poking around online and thinking about which craft fairs I am interested in for the year. It’s difficult because not all the dates have been released for all of the craft fairs. So, while I’m dreaming of warmer days and selling all of the wonderful things I will make at craft fairs, I’m stuck in freezing Wisconsin and time is moving ever so slowly. It’s January: The WORST Time of the Year.

Mint Truffle Hershey’s Kisses + Coffee = Motivation

Treats and coffee only get me so far. Time to get back to work. DD will be home from school in a bit and I need to finish up a brown Sock Monkey that needs a face and a soul.

1st Brown Sock Monkey of 2022

Have a delightful rest of your Thursday! (Maybe have some chocolate!)

Missie S.

December 21, 2021 – Christmas is Coming: Cookies, Lights, and Jesus!

Still working on Christmas…

One of our Nativity Scenes, we hang this above our kitchen table from the chandelier, with some red and green berries.

Sugar Cookie Cut Outs!
Patriotic Spritz!

The evening view from my office/sewing studio. I WISH we had snow. Not really any snow this year, but beautiful sunsets.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Everyone!

Missie S.

December 11, 2021 – No Rush Saturday Morning, I Should Probably be Rushing

Good Morning!

There is nothing I like better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning. It’s been a while since I have done such a thing. “Sleeping in”, means 6:30/7:00 am. Today, I did that!

Actually, DD beat me to the couch. I trudged over and asked her how she slept, and she told me all about a bad dream she had. When her story was finished, we exchanged a good hug and I asked if she was hungry for breakfast yet. Nope. She started playing “Animal Crossing” on her Switch and I wandered into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

I pulled out a frying pan to cook up/use up some bacon from two weeks ago. I placed it on the stove, but before I turned on the burner, decided to check if the bacon was still good to eat. Nope. Fine by me. One less thing I had to cook. I trashed the bacon and started heating the pan for hash browns. I started coffee, cooked up some hash browns and eggs, peeled an orange, and decided on reading my book over a game of Sudoku. It was a wonderful, peaceful morning. Oh, AND the whole time there was a blizzard raging outside. It poured all night long, then turned to snow this morning. So, cozy feeling BONUS!

No Rush Saturday Morning for giggleFritz
The Book I am currently Reading – “The Empty Throne”, by Bernard Cornwell

We lounged around until 9am. Then, it was time to get moving. DD had “Christmas for Kids” at school, DH drove her and had stuff to do, and I am now tackling today’s “To Do” list. It was nice while it lasted. Now it is time to Rush!

Have a wonderful Saturday, and stay safe!

Missie S.

December 7, 2021 – The giggleFritz and Co. “Wreck This Journal” Project

Hello, Everyone! I have been working on a few sewing projects intermingled with decorating for Christmas and day-to-day chores. Why not throw one more project into the mix?

This year, on Black Friday, we ventured out to breakfast at a decent hour. Afterwards, we stopped at a few stores: not so much for hardcore shopping, but mostly to entertain some Christmas Spirit. We picked up some seasonal Starbucks Holiday Drinks and headed to Target. Why Target? For all of the obvious reasons AND they still have a Book section!

We browsed the $1 section in the front of the store, women’s clothes, movies, and then we finally hit the books. The book and movie section is much smaller than in past years, but it was still nice to browse. And then, I saw IT. Way on the bottom in the righthand corner of the shelf, was this book:

“Wreck This Journal”, by Keri Smith

I know I have seen this book before, but never paid much attention to it. The first printing was 2007 and it has been reprinted and expanded since then. I’ve also seen Smash Journals and Junk Journaling. I have looked into junk journaling and watched a few YouTube videos. It looks interesting, but never enough to get into it myself. It feels like there is no real purpose for what you are making, so why make it? It takes a lot of thinking outside the box, making a mess, and making a lot of mistakes or imperfections. The things I see people making aren’t “good”, they miss the mark. This thinking of mine actually bothers me something fierce. The reason you do this kind of journaling is to flex your creative muscles: try something different, expand on the ideas you are working on. It’s all very uncomfortable, yet rewarding when you see it through.

I think it would be great to take a class on collage, or if they have a “junk journal” class. I took a journal class at the library a few years ago. It introduced us to all of the supplies and types of journals, but it didn’t go deep enough. So, when I saw this book I wanted to know what it meant to, “wreck this journal”. It’s pretty cool!

Each page gives you something to do: draw circles, “wrap something with this page”, “color this entire page”. Some of the things I don’t want to do, but others are really interesting. I almost didn’t buy this book because I thought it doesn’t seem too creative to have someone telling you what to do. But, I am so inconsistent and lazy in my sketching and journaling, I need a bit of structure to get anything done.

Wreck This Journal: “Fill This Page with Circles”

I have been working on a few of the pages and feel good that I did them. But, my pages feel boring or I just didn’t put enough thought or time into them. Because of this, I went looking on the internet to see if other people had shared their work done in this book. The answer is YES! They sure did! If you search for the reviews on this book on Amazon, you will find pictures of peoples creations. There are also Pinterest boards dedicated to ideas for this book, and there are web sites with prompts for Children as well:

Today, I am sharing my “Fill this Page with Circles” page with you. It is looking like it needs some color or texture or something. I will fix it up and share it again later, I think.

Do you have a “Wreck this Journal”? Did you fill the whole thing up? If you don’t have the book, you could make your own with a sketch book and check out the prompts on Pinterest or other web sites dedicated to the book. It’s a fun creative outlet!

I am off to work on some Christmas Sock Monkeys.

Have a Wonderful Tuesday!

Missie S.

December 1, 2021 – Happy Thanksgiving and Goodbye, November 2021

It is six days after Thanksgiving in the US and I finally have a chance to say, “Happy Thanksgiving!” I am truly thankful for all of the blessings God has given my family and me. We had a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving lunch, shared with family and neighbors. I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic as well!

One of our Thanksgiving Centerpieces, Turkey crafted in Sunday School

A Little Piece of Each: Pumpkin, Apple, and Pecan Pie

Missie S .

October 28, 2021 – Calming the Chaos with a Sweet little Pumpkin Sketch

I hit the ground running like any normal day. Who am I kidding? I hit the ground moving slowly toward the bathroom, wishing I could stay in bed a few more moments. DD was home from school for a teacher in-service day. At least I didn’t have to get her up and out the door. I got dressed, made breakfast, we ate breakfast, and I moved on to straightening up and shipping orders.

Soon after I started working, I received a text from the Grandparent of one of DD’s friends. Did we want to get the kids together for a play date? Heck yes! We worked it out that the friend would come over by us and the kids could play for a few hours. That worked out nicely. However, I don’t get much done on days DD is home, much less when a friend comes to visit. But, the kids had a great time and when it was time for our guest to go home we were feeling a little gloomy. It was a perfect time to slow down and do some drawing together.

I have been wanting to dig out my sketch book lately and just draw SOMETHING. Anything. I haven’t drawn anything in a long time and getting back at it isn’t pretty or easy for me. We got our supplies out and DD automatically starts drawing something she saw. She draws constantly and I am very proud of all of her wonderful ideas and drawings. Maybe that’s why I get the urge to draw now and then, to just put something on paper, to not be afraid or critical.

I started doodling flowers and leaves. Typical. Then, I thought back to this neat drawing I did years ago. It was a root cellar with a big pumpkin next to it. I grabbed an older sketch book of mine and found it. I was instantly critical of it. It looked just ok. What did I not approve of? The pumpkin. It was wrong. Why was it wrong? After thinking about the old sketch I remembered I did it from my head. It probably would have been much better if I had looked at an actual pumpkin. I ran outside and grabbed one of the cute little pie pumpkins off the front porch, one I had grown in our garden this year. I set it down and got to work.

Pie Pumpkin Sketch by giggleFritz

Not bad, but I need more practice. It was really frustrating to slow down and try to get the lines right. I did a lot of erasing and thinking about how to make the lines appear less “line-y”. It was frustrating, but also felt great to focus on drawing again. I will try to sketch something else tomorrow.

Until then, have a wonderful night! 😀

Missie S.

October 7, 2021 – Note-to-Self Mini Thursday

As I wait for DD’s school bus, it is pouring rain. It’s been a damp, warm fall in Wisconsin. I am wrapping up a Note-to-Self Mini book. The pattern on the fabric is much more cheerful than our current weather situation. Hopefully, I’ll have it listed tomorrow in the giggleFritz shop. Lots to sew, list, and do.

Meatloaf for dinner tonight. Pumpkin pie for dessert! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Missie S.