April 12, 2022 – Sheets to the Wind and Dental Work

Hello, All! No worries, I am NOT drunk. Lol! I just hung out some laundry yesterday. After all, the phrase is “Three sheets to the wind” = very drunk. We finally, FINALLY, got some warmer weather yesterday, here in southeast Wisconsin. The last weeks have been cold, dreary, and sometimes very windy. However, yesterday the cold wind brought warmer weather, so I got to wash and hang our warm, fuzzy flannel bed sheets. When I brought them in at the end of the day, they smelled amazing!

Sheets in the Wind 😉

You may be wondering, “Missie, are these hanging on your deck?” Why, Yes! Yes they are. DH has never wanted a clothesline at our home. I do. For the 6+ years we have lived here, I have hung laundry on our deck. I have a rope I string across the rails and make four lines. I have hung many, many loads of laundry over the years, both inside and outside, year round. I do it for the following reasons:

  1. I like to find reasons to MAKE myself be outside
  2. I love the smell of our laundry when it is dried outside
  3. It makes our clothing/bedding last longer
  4. I enjoy saving money on electricity

Today, it is supposed to be warmer than yesterday. I will definitely do my running outside instead of on the treadmill in the basement. We are supposed to get rain later and tomorrow. After tomorrow we are supposed to get a bunch of wind rain/snow, and it will stay cold over Easter and into next week. Fun, fun springtime in Wisconsin, each and every year. It’s ok, though! It forces me to work inside and I have lots of work to do. Like, finish this Socktopus guy and list him in my shop:

Almost Finished Socktopus Guy

As the title states, I also had some dental work done yesterday. In my last post I bragged about my “free” dental merch and told you about my tiny cavity. I got that guy filled. Yay, glad that’s over.

Well, that’s all for now. I have been searching for craft fairs, working on products, and also doing all the boring things, like making dinner, hanging laundry, and going to the dentist. I will check in again soon. I hope whoever is reading this is having a nice day and appreciating the “boring” things they are getting done. The boring things matter…a LOT. YOU matter a LOT!

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 😀

Missie S.

March 23, 2022 – I like Writing and “Free” Dental Merch

Hello, All! Life is always busy and I haven’t made time to drop by and share about things going on. As I stumble around during an average day, I think to myself, “I should write about that on my blog.” Or, just, “I should write that down”. I DO write stuff down, but the stuff isn’t interesting.

One morning, I wrote up a long entry on how I planted some onion seeds. I was really proud of my onions I planted last year (2021) and I even harvested some seeds! I was stoked! I didn’t publish the article right away because it needed some editing. By the end of the day, when I finally got back to it, I looked at it and thought, “What was I thinking? No one else cares about my stupid onion seeds. That isn’t interesting. Besides, what does it have to do with my sewing business?” I deleted the article, turned off my computer, and seriously thought about other ridiculous things I may have posted in the past.

What is “interesting”? I think about that often. If onion seeds are NOT interesting, what DO I consider interesting? Traveling? Kind of. Make up? No. Historical Crime? Yes. It’s subjective and relative. Maybe, what makes something interesting is HOW a person writes about it.

Anyway, I should have just finished and posted my onion seeds article. The reader can decide if it is interesting, or not. The truth is, I enjoy writing and I should do more of it. (And more sewing. I run a sewing business, did you know?) I will stop by more often and share some interesting things going on around me. And, I will write about the things in the mornings, when I have more courage.

Here’s a thing that I did today: I visited the dentist for a cleaning and checkup for the first time since before Covid. I have a cavity. Boo! But, I scored some “free” dental merch! LOL! Are you jealous? We go to West Bend Dental and I love that place! They gave me a purple toothbrush! I don’t think I have ever had a purple toothbrush. Winning!

“Free” Dental Merch! from West Bend Dental in West Bend, WI

I am off to do “interesting” things with my clean teeth and tiny cavity.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Missie S. 😀

February 18, 2022 – New in the giggleFritz and Company Shop!

Pink Orange Flowers Ink Sketch Note-to-Self Mini – Click HERE for more details

I am looking forward to warmer days and bright, cheerful flowers! Here, in Wisconsin, we have a few months to go. But the pattern of this fabric keeps me happy while we soldier on towards spring.

February 7, 2022 – Go, Make Someone Smile, Red Sock Monkey!


Somebody is about to get a lovely red Sock Monkey from giggleFritz and Co.! Is it for Valentine’s Day? Maybe. Will it bring smiles and cheers? Hopefully!

Valentine’s Day is next Monday. You have been warned. I don’t say this so you will buy stuff from me. (My inventory is quite low.) No, I say this because you have 6-7 days to make plans for the one(s) you love. I have to get on this too.

Safe Travel, Friend!

Have a fantastic rest of your Monday, Friends! 🙂

Missie S.

January 27, 2022 – Happy New Year & This is the WORST Time of the Year

Hello, Everyone! It is just about February and I thought it might be a good time to wish you a Happy New Year. So, without further ado, Happy New Year to You!

The year has started out well. On December 31, 2021, DD and I went roller skating with DD’s friends. We welcomed in 2022 with my Husband at home on the couch. We gave a hardy, “Happy New Year!”, gave each other some hugs, and went to bed. That was perfectly lovely for us all!

January has been steadily busy. I have been working on several projects for giggleFritz and around our home. I have been poking around online and thinking about which craft fairs I am interested in for the year. It’s difficult because not all the dates have been released for all of the craft fairs. So, while I’m dreaming of warmer days and selling all of the wonderful things I will make at craft fairs, I’m stuck in freezing Wisconsin and time is moving ever so slowly. It’s January: The WORST Time of the Year.

Mint Truffle Hershey’s Kisses + Coffee = Motivation

Treats and coffee only get me so far. Time to get back to work. DD will be home from school in a bit and I need to finish up a brown Sock Monkey that needs a face and a soul.

1st Brown Sock Monkey of 2022

Have a delightful rest of your Thursday! (Maybe have some chocolate!)

Missie S.

December 21, 2021 – Christmas is Coming: Cookies, Lights, and Jesus!

Still working on Christmas…

One of our Nativity Scenes, we hang this above our kitchen table from the chandelier, with some red and green berries.

Sugar Cookie Cut Outs!
Patriotic Spritz!

The evening view from my office/sewing studio. I WISH we had snow. Not really any snow this year, but beautiful sunsets.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Everyone!

Missie S.

December 11, 2021 – No Rush Saturday Morning, I Should Probably be Rushing

Good Morning!

There is nothing I like better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning. It’s been a while since I have done such a thing. “Sleeping in”, means 6:30/7:00 am. Today, I did that!

Actually, DD beat me to the couch. I trudged over and asked her how she slept, and she told me all about a bad dream she had. When her story was finished, we exchanged a good hug and I asked if she was hungry for breakfast yet. Nope. She started playing “Animal Crossing” on her Switch and I wandered into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

I pulled out a frying pan to cook up/use up some bacon from two weeks ago. I placed it on the stove, but before I turned on the burner, decided to check if the bacon was still good to eat. Nope. Fine by me. One less thing I had to cook. I trashed the bacon and started heating the pan for hash browns. I started coffee, cooked up some hash browns and eggs, peeled an orange, and decided on reading my book over a game of Sudoku. It was a wonderful, peaceful morning. Oh, AND the whole time there was a blizzard raging outside. It poured all night long, then turned to snow this morning. So, cozy feeling BONUS!

No Rush Saturday Morning for giggleFritz
The Book I am currently Reading – “The Empty Throne”, by Bernard Cornwell

We lounged around until 9am. Then, it was time to get moving. DD had “Christmas for Kids” at school, DH drove her and had stuff to do, and I am now tackling today’s “To Do” list. It was nice while it lasted. Now it is time to Rush!

Have a wonderful Saturday, and stay safe!

Missie S.