November 11, 2020 – CBS Radio Mystery Theater…and Socktopus

Hello, All! I was just working on a Socktopus with CBS Radio Mystery Theater playing in the background on YouTube. I thought I would share what I am listening to. These are spooky cool!

CBS Radio Mystery Theater: The Recluse – #598


CBS Radio Mystery Theater: The Haunted Mill – #737

Have spooky day! 😀

Missie S.

October 28, 2020 – Cold Fall, Cozy Pants

I love almost everything about Fall in Wisconsin. Yes, even the cold temperatures. We just finished a stretch of days that stayed in the 30’s. That’s a bit chilly for Wisconsin in October. No problem! What continues to be a challenge every year when the seasons change is keeping our DD clothed – she grows like a weed!

My latest project has been finding/making affordable clothes for DD. Sleep pants were one of the items we needed because the old ones were way too short. Years ago I had made sleep pants for myself, my oldest daughter, and two of my sisters for Christmas presents. I decided to dig out my old pattern and see if it contained sizes for smaller children. It did! Winner, winner! Chicken Dinner! Let’s make some sleep pants!

I thought I had enough fabric and elastic to make some warm sleep pants. I dug around in my horded stash of flannel and sewing notions. I certainly have enough flannel to make sleep pants for an army! I chose a pattern that was blue with a little owl and bird sitting on a branch. I bought the fabric years ago, wanting to make a blanket. I never got around to the blanket, but the flannel is going to good use.

Simplicity Pattern 3935 – Sleepwear, Slippers, Remote Control Holder
Finished Pants – Size S

I love the way these pants turned out! DD loves wearing them. They are warm and cozy. I added a button on the front so we can easily tell which side is which, much easier than adding a label in the back. If you are looking for a simple pattern for sleep pants, I highly recommend this pattern (Simplicity easy-to-sew #3935) I would like to make at least one more pair in this size and maybe a pair for myself. I would make a pair for my husband, but don’t really have a “guy” pattern. I will hunt around some more. Do you think he would like little owls?

Well, back to work. There are always too many things I want to do and not enough time in a day!

Have a fantastic Wednesday! 😀

Missie S. (giggleFritz)

October 20, 2020 – Scooby Doo! Haunted House YouTube Video

Hello, All! Just dropping by to say “Hi!”. I have been busy with many projects lately. One of the projects was listing a Scooby Doo! board game on ebay we don’t play anymore. I fixed the game up as best I could and took lots of wonderful pictures. As I was making the listing on ebay I decided I would make a video demonstrating that the spooky traps in the game all worked. I created a YouTube channel to share the video and then put the link to the video in the description of the listing. It was actually pretty fun to make!

I listed the game three weeks ago and was delighted to find it sold over the weekend. I thought I would share the video here. It’s the first YouTube video I ever made. There is no catchy, fun music or fancy editing, but I made it, so it falls into a giggleFritz creation and belongs on my blog. Maybe I will make another one soon.

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 😀

Missie S.

October 3, 2020 – Lost and Found

This morning, I met my daughter for breakfast and ran a few errands. Before I arrived for breakfast, I stopped for the mail at the Post Office. I ran in, collected my junk mail, then walked back to my truck. I walked past the Saturday morning Farmers Market and on my way I found this huge purple dahlia!

At first I walked past and thought to myself how beautiful that flower is, and how sad someone lost it. It must have been a big piece of the bouquet they bought at the farmers market. A split second later I turned around and picked up the flower.

A couple was walking far behind me. I didn’t get in their way, but I was a little embarrassed someone may have seen me retrieve this flower from the dirty sidewalk. And just like that, I pushed that thought out of my head. This flower is not ruined because it was found alone on the ground. I smiled and took my treasure to my truck. I drove happily to the restaurant.

Lost and Found – Purple Dahlia

I hope you find something beautiful today!

Missie S.