April 11, 2024 – Good Morning!!

Hello! Really, that is all I have to say. I am getting ready for “It’s a Spring Thing Craft Fair” this Saturday. My morning started out with not wanting to do anything. I didn’t like feeling like that. So, in a loud outburst at breakfast to my Husband, I declared I would make today my b****. I feel bad about the swear, but it was kind of necessary.

I have been doing things and getting stuff done. However, the more I do, the more things I am adding to my “To Do” list. I need to do one thing at a time, the thing that is in front of me. I struggle with putting the right things in front of me. So, I am taking a little break and wishing everyone reading this, Good Morning and have a nice day!! Make today YOUR …. um…. YOURS!!

Pretty! This pretty floral design was on a month from last year’s $5 calendar from Target. There isn’t a manufacturing company listed on the calendar, or I’d give due credit to whoever designed it.