July 16, 2024 – Late Container Potatoes

Back on July 4th, we stopped in at Stein’s Garden and Home in West Bend after dinner. I expected the yard to be pretty cleaned out because it is now later in the summer gardening season. I was looking for a white geranium and hoped they had one or two left. There was a LOT left in the yard.

We looked around at some leftover vegetables and herbs, I found a ton of geraniums, and we looked over the nursery stock. I selected a white geranium and we headed inside to pay. On the way up to the register I spotted a few bags of seed potatoes on a shelf at 90% off! I was pretty excited about that because I had been kicking myself for not trying to plant some potatoes this year. The price of everything has gone up and I should have tried for a larger garden. It’s late in the season, but we purchased the seed potatoes for under $1.00.

My garden is planted and I didn’t have space for potatoes in the ground. The plan was to throw these sprouted potatoes into containers and see what I get. I had leftover potting soil and I saved some coffee grounds. I planted seed potatoes in containers a few years ago and they turned out ok. I planted just three containers out of this bag and so far, so good!

I hope you’re all having a delightful summer!

Missie S.