October 21, 2013 – Candy Corn

“Ghost Poop”

Candy corn is a part of Fall and Halloween.  Every year thousands of bags of different flavored candy corn fill the store shelves from August to November.  Every year people make cute, crafty treat bags with candy corn and call them things like “ghost poop”, or “pumpkin teeth”.  Fall craft projects thrive on the image of candy corn.  Every year I get stuck with tons of candy corn that people give me.  I hate candy corn.  Not this year though.  What the heck??!! I cannot get enough candy corn.  I have been eating handfuls of candy corn by itself and mixing it with nuts and trail mix.  My favorite is caramel apple flavored, but my sister bought me a bag of Brach’s regular candy corn made with honey and I am addicted to that stuff too.  I am blaming it on hormones.

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