October 3, 2020 – Lost and Found

This morning, I met my daughter for breakfast and ran a few errands. Before I arrived for breakfast, I stopped for the mail at the Post Office. I ran in, collected my junk mail, then walked back to my truck. I walked past the Saturday morning Farmers Market and on my way I found this huge purple dahlia!

At first I walked past and thought to myself how beautiful that flower is, and how sad someone lost it. It must have been a big piece of the bouquet they bought at the farmers market. A split second later I turned around and picked up the flower.

A couple was walking far behind me. I didn’t get in their way, but I was a little embarrassed someone may have seen me retrieve this flower from the dirty sidewalk. And just like that, I pushed that thought out of my head. This flower is not ruined because it was found alone on the ground. I smiled and took my treasure to my truck. I drove happily to the restaurant.

Lost and Found – Purple Dahlia

I hope you find something beautiful today!

Missie S.

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