Post Craft Fair

This last Saturday giggleFritz and Co. was at Fall Fair to Remember in West Bend, WI.  I had commented in an earlier post that art/craft fairs are like a roller coaster of emotions: ups and downs, good things and bad things about these events.  This was by far the BEST fair I’ve participated in, yet!  My sisters and I have been to this event three times now, but this year was my best year.  I actually sold out of an item! Yes, Socktopus was a big hit!  I sold all of the Socktopus creatures and people wanted to know if I had more.  That has never happened to me and I feel GREAT!

The only “down” of this weekend was I severely strained my back.  I think it was from lifting things and carrying stuff for the craft fair.  Saturday night I could not lay down in my bed, I had to sleep in our recliner with a heating pad.  Ibuprofen was my best friend.  It is feeling better now, but good grief did that hurt!

I am off to work now.  I need to create some sweet little Socktopus guys for the shop!

Have an excellent Monday!

Missie 😀

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