Many Thanks for Coffee Break Fest!

Hello, Everybody!

Coffee Break Fest last Saturday was AMAZING! The weather was beautiful, there were a ton of people, and we had a great time! To Everyone that stopped by the giggleFritz and Co. booth, it was very nice to meet you and thank you for all of the compliments! To customers who purchased something I made, Thank you and I hope you truly enjoy what you purchased! To my sister, Jill Punzenberger, who helped me get here, set up, sell, sample coffee with me, eat cupcakes with me, let me use the bathroom, tear down the booth, laugh with me, and drive home with me, Thank you! And to every last loved one who encourages me to keep creating, THANK YOU!!

I hope Everyone had a wonderful weekend and is enjoying the last days of summer!

Have a great day, and enjoy the eclipse today!

Missie S.


Lovely Day and Some New Goals

Today was a lovely day.  The weather was nearly perfect so we spent a good part of the day outside.  Also, the carpet guy came and measured two of our bedrooms so we can order our new carpeting.  I am that much closer to my new office/craft room!

I have been making more Socktopuses.  Three are listed in my Etsy shop at the moment, take a look if you have a moment!  (I need some time to get the shop on this site set up.)  I have set a goal for myself: complete 2 Socktopuses a week (12 by July 5), and I will register for the Coffee Break Fest 2015 craft fair on August 15.  I still have inventory left from before our little one was born, and I will keep sewing after July 15. If I can complete my goal, I think I will have enough inventory to fill a booth.  I have my binder set up to keep me on track.  Now, I just have to get the work done.

I am off to do some sewing.

Have a wonderful evening! (The frogs are incredibly LOUD this evening! Beautiful!)

Missie 🙂

Green Girl

I am not getting much done today. I’ve been trying to finish up some things before my craft fair tomorrow, but I have been awefully nauseated. I can’t fly around the condo doing much, but I have been sitting up in bed, watching tv, stitching Socktopus guys. It’s something.


I took care of a lot of chores yesterday. I baked two loaves of bread, did the laundry, did half of the grocery shopping, and went to the bank to get change for my cash box. Maybe that’s why I am so sick today. I overdid it yesterday getting everything ready for the weekend. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be feeling better. I won’t sell much looking green! Good luck to all the vendors at craft fairs this weekend! Have a great weekend! Missie

Post Craft Fair

This last Saturday giggleFritz and Co. was at Fall Fair to Remember in West Bend, WI.  I had commented in an earlier post that art/craft fairs are like a roller coaster of emotions: ups and downs, good things and bad things about these events.  This was by far the BEST fair I’ve participated in, yet!  My sisters and I have been to this event three times now, but this year was my best year.  I actually sold out of an item! Yes, Socktopus was a big hit!  I sold all of the Socktopus creatures and people wanted to know if I had more.  That has never happened to me and I feel GREAT!

The only “down” of this weekend was I severely strained my back.  I think it was from lifting things and carrying stuff for the craft fair.  Saturday night I could not lay down in my bed, I had to sleep in our recliner with a heating pad.  Ibuprofen was my best friend.  It is feeling better now, but good grief did that hurt!

I am off to work now.  I need to create some sweet little Socktopus guys for the shop!

Have an excellent Monday!

Missie 😀