Pretty File Folder Tabs

Good Morning, Everyone! Today I am tackling an important task that I have been dancing around for far too long: cleaning off my desk. Why don’t all of these papers, receipts, and even Christmas cards (yes, Christmas cards!) have a home of their own?! I don’t know, but they need one NOW. This disorganized mess is costing me time and money. I have many ideas that I need to explore and they get thwarted every time I look at my eyesore desk.

I wanted to share an easy project I took the time to do last week. While working on taxes I had some ideas of how to organize my receipts and paperwork so next year at tax time I would be even more prepared. While putting my ideas into practice I decided to pretty-up some of my file folders that I plan on looking at frequently. I always want to go nuts at Office Max and buy their trendy office supplies so I have an inspiring work space. Then, my frugal brain kicks in and says, “No, we can make it ourselves, or go without it.” So that is what I did. I made my own pretty file folders.


  • Manila file folders – 9 ½ x 11 5/8
  • Scrapbook Papers (I used scraps I had leftover)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. Place scrapbook paper face down. Place the file folder face down so the tab lies on top of your scrapbook paper.
  2. Trace around the tab with a pencil.
  3. Cut out the tab from the scrapbook paper.
  4. Glue the scrapbook paper tab onto the tab of your file folder with glue stick.

I needed a file folder for each month of the year, so I made some labels to go with my new, pretty tabs. I created a table in Microsoft Word and added the months of the year (Click on this link for the table: File Labels MONTHS.) I printed the labels on printing paper, cut them out, and glued them on my tabs with the glue stick. My tabs are a bit wrinkly from all of the glue, but I still like them very much!

I liked this little project. I needed more motivation to work at bookkeeping and this has helped a lot. I am off to use my file folders!

Have a wonderful day!

Missie S. 🙂

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