September 6, 2020 – Sunflower!!

I did not do a great job on my garden (again) this year. I planted a little too late, but told myself it would be alright. It’s not too bad, but I get impatient watching my neighbors enjoy healthy, punctual gardens while I wait. I am waiting on some ugly tomatoes to turn red and I keep picking humongous cucumbers. We also waited and waited for our sunflowers to bloom. It finally happened!! Yesterday we looked out our window at breakfast and saw our first sunflower had opened up wide!

Sunflower – by giggleFritz

I’ve decided next year we will plant our garden using a Fall theme. We will plant sunflowers, pumpkins, garden mums, marigolds, and zinnias. We can enjoy the zinnias and marigolds during most of the summer. In Fall we will have a nice harvest theme going on. All the other stuff is getting to be too much work, and I don’t have a very big area to work with. I will be happy with some Fall produce.

With DD back in school, I have been working on sock monkeys and Note to Self Mini books. We are off for Labor Day weekend and afterward I will add more items to the online shop. I won’t be participating in any craft fairs for the rest of the year. It seems everything is cancelled for the year, or will be soon. I will keep working on getting all my ducks in a row until the next fair.

I hope your Fall is starting off healthy and happy!

Have wonderful Monday!

Missie S.

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