August 28, 2020 – Back to School, Back to Work!

Our DD went back to school this week. So far, things have gone smoothly at school. At home is a slightly different matter. School has been out for 5+ months instead of the normal three month summer break. Yesterday, and today, getting our sweet six year old out of bed was a chore. We have been met with a few, “I want to do what I want!” Things will be better when we establish a routine.

It was difficult to prepare for “Back to School” time. We made sure we got outside every day that we could. We checked our garden every day and picked pole beans and zinnias. (The rest of our garden is late or not showing up to the party.) I gave DD lots of free time to play dollhouse and Minecraft, her latest obsession. (Don’t worry. We have designated screen times so our brains don’t rot out of our heads.) We slowly gathered our school supplies from around the house, the store, and online. I also have been prepping food for freezer meals and lunches. I may write more about this later. In the end, we are back to school. So, now I am back to work.

Monarch in Zinnias – by giggleFritz and Co.

Time to get busy. Have a Fantastic Friday!

Missie S.

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