Socktopus Goals Update

Here we are on the last day of June 2015.  I have been sneaking in sewing more Socktopus guys whenever I can: a few legs here, a mouth and eyes there.  I am currently working on Socktopus number 13, which means I have achieved my goal of 12 new Socktopus guys by July 5! 😀  (Take a look at the giggleFritz Shop on Etsy.)

I will be sending in my registration tomorrow for Coffee Break Fest in Soughton, WI on August 15.  I am excited!  I have not been in a craft fair for almost 2 years.  It will be wonderful once again to sell alongside fellow artists and meet new people interested in handmade art and products.  And it will be heavenly to sample coffee all day too!

Little one is awake. I am off to do mommy things and sew some more Socktopus legs.

Enjoy this one and only June 30th, 2015!


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