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Good Afternoon, Everyone! I have been working on new Note-to-Self Mini books and wanted to take a break and say, “Hi”!

It’s been real quiet over here on the giggleFritz page, crickets REALLY!  There hasn’t been much to write about. Not much creating or sewing has been happening here and it’s all my own fault.   I have my own room/studio/shop to work in, but it has been more of a storage room than anything else.  When I actually sit down to sew, I drag my sewing machine into another room. Pathetic!  So, in the last week I have been cracking down and cleaning out STUFF! I was so happy once I set up my cutting mat and tools, we are all ready to go!

So, I am off to work in my beautiful, productive space!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Missie S.


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