Weather…or not

I was supposed to get up early and go running this morning with my sister, followed by some strawberry picking at The Fiedler Farm with my sister and daughter.  However, last night, around 1:30am, it was lightning and rumbling and threatening to storm like mad.  My husband was watching the radar online and the map was a violent rainbow of storm colors.  When I awoke around 6:00am, the radar on my mobile phone indicated we were surrounded by heavy rain and storms and it looked wet and gray outside.  We called off running and strawberry picking just in case.  It never did storm and now it is sunny as can be.  Figures!

Ah well,  I always have enough to do inside the house.  I have overripe bananas begging to be made into muffins or bread, Sock Monkeys to be made, and ever-present household cleaning to  be done.  Hopefully, we will pick berries Monday morning.

Last Thursday, I shared a picture on Facebook of my “baby bump”.  I know, not everyone is on Facebook, and completely respect that.  Here is my picture, for my sweet friends and family who want to know how we are doing, or just get all warm and fuzzy over “baby bump” pictures!

Baby Bump Picture – 21 weeks

Don’t let the rain and hot, humid weather ruin your weekend!  Make it great! 😀


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