February 28, 2013

I used to read a lot.  There was no better escape from my crappy jobs than an exciting adventure with a thrilling ending.  Fantasy novels (NOT romance, mind you!) were my favorite, then, historical fiction.  Ever since I have been working solely for giggleFritz and Company, I have not taken much time for reading.

I borrowed two books from one of my sisters and it took me forever to read them.  They are part of a three book series by Ally Condi.  The first was called “Matched”.  The second one, “Crossed”, I just finished.  I want to read the third and final “Reached”.

“Crossed”, by Ally Condi

It was a little hard to want to read these books.  They are well-written, but in some ways, at first, they are similar to “The Hunger Games”.  The books are about a teenage girl who lives in the future.  Where she lives, everyone’s world is controlled by the government, which is called “The Society”.  After a few chapters the book ends up being less like “The Hunger Games”, and the ideas are more unique and interesting.  She goes on her own brutal adventure to find someone she loves and learns more disturbing things about, “The Society”.

I looked into the “Books and Coffee” book club through Dunn Bros. Coffee.  I won’t be joining.  It is a great idea, but I looked online at the book selection.  It isn’t very large right now, and the books are $14 and up.  This frugal coffee/book-loving girl doesn’t like the price.  I can brew my own coffee and head for the library.

Happy Reading! 😀



Coffee! Soup! Conversation!

Last week was a very trying week in Missie-ville.  I had set several goals in work and personal life, and few were achieved.   Saturday evening I got a call from my sister who was having an equally foul day/week.  We decided a coffee outing was in order to ease our burdens.

Yesterday (Sunday), my sister and I met at Dunn Bros. in West Bend for some amazing coffee and soup.  We not only got to talk through on-going, frustrating situations, we had some amazing soup!  I can’t remember the exact name, but it was something like Parmesan Alfredo Tortellini Soup.  The only way they could have improved on it would be to serve with crusty bread instead of saltines.

Dunn Bros. have also started sponsoring “Coffee and Books” club.  They have eight bestseller books to choose from in the store.  Four books are from the coffeeandbooks.com site and four are other best sellers.  You get free coffee for purchasing a book and joining the club and there are other drink discounts along the way.  So, not only do you get coffee discounts, you get exposure to great books and I want that!  I haven’t joined yet, because I want to check out the books on the web site first, and then go get one.  I will let you know which one I choose soon.

If you have time during this busy week, check out this neat book club offer!  I am not being paid to promote anything.  I just thought I would share something awesome on a dreary Wisconsin Monday. 😀

Have a great Monday!