October 28, 2021 – Calming the Chaos with a Sweet little Pumpkin Sketch

I hit the ground running like any normal day. Who am I kidding? I hit the ground moving slowly toward the bathroom, wishing I could stay in bed a few more moments. DD was home from school for a teacher in-service day. At least I didn’t have to get her up and out the door. I got dressed, made breakfast, we ate breakfast, and I moved on to straightening up and shipping orders.

Soon after I started working, I received a text from the Grandparent of one of DD’s friends. Did we want to get the kids together for a play date? Heck yes! We worked it out that the friend would come over by us and the kids could play for a few hours. That worked out nicely. However, I don’t get much done on days DD is home, much less when a friend comes to visit. But, the kids had a great time and when it was time for our guest to go home we were feeling a little gloomy. It was a perfect time to slow down and do some drawing together.

I have been wanting to dig out my sketch book lately and just draw SOMETHING. Anything. I haven’t drawn anything in a long time and getting back at it isn’t pretty or easy for me. We got our supplies out and DD automatically starts drawing something she saw. She draws constantly and I am very proud of all of her wonderful ideas and drawings. Maybe that’s why I get the urge to draw now and then, to just put something on paper, to not be afraid or critical.

I started doodling flowers and leaves. Typical. Then, I thought back to this neat drawing I did years ago. It was a root cellar with a big pumpkin next to it. I grabbed an older sketch book of mine and found it. I was instantly critical of it. It looked just ok. What did I not approve of? The pumpkin. It was wrong. Why was it wrong? After thinking about the old sketch I remembered I did it from my head. It probably would have been much better if I had looked at an actual pumpkin. I ran outside and grabbed one of the cute little pie pumpkins off the front porch, one I had grown in our garden this year. I set it down and got to work.

Pie Pumpkin Sketch by giggleFritz

Not bad, but I need more practice. It was really frustrating to slow down and try to get the lines right. I did a lot of erasing and thinking about how to make the lines appear less “line-y”. It was frustrating, but also felt great to focus on drawing again. I will try to sketch something else tomorrow.

Until then, have a wonderful night! 😀

Missie S.